Five Wednesdays do not a fabulous month make.

This is the thing I don’t like about months with five Wednesdays in them. Comic companies put out their best stuff in the fourth week, completely forgetting that they’ve got one last week to fill. That’s why this Wednesday, the 29th of February, I have three books, but I’m only honestly looking forward to one of them.

Let’s start on a low note with Justice League. My god, I’ve never been less impressed with a ‘flagship’ book in my life. The art is fantastic, but the writing is sub-par. I wanted to say something snarky like, “Even for Geoff Johns”, but I’ve been very happy with Green Lantern, cleverly disguised slash fic that it is, so I can’t hate. I can however, hate the crap out of this title. Splash pages and minimal plot advancement, that’s this sixth issue of Justice League. With Jim Lee’s art being what most people are actually buying the issue for, I don’t blame them, but still. Six splash pages, with two of them being two-page spreads. Overkill? Maybe. But it still looks pretty. I’m going to say, though, I don’t think Hal could be more of a dick to everyone at the end of this issue if he tried. It’s a real achievement. And Barry…darling, you are just precious. “You can call us…the Super Seven!” Precious baby. The Pandora backup, I think was made as some sort of back door in case this 52 thing doesn’t work out. I mean, the bitch shot the Phantom Stranger and was allowed to walk away. Everybody watch out, we’ve got a badass over here.

As I’ve said time and time again, Legion Secret Origins is the best Legion book currently out. Paul Levitz has the capacity to not suck, if he really tries, and this book shows it. This issue, the team actually does something! Whee! And that something? Fly off into space to act as the cavalry! This is done after they fail to recruit Superman from the past, breaking Brainy’s time bubble in the process. Speaking of which, the interaction between Brainy and Lyle this issue was simply precious. Lyle surpasses Brainy’s expectations as a body guard with a big brain, and even gives our favorite 12th-level intellect an idea on how to solve the problems with time travel. All in all, it’s just a good issue that showcases the kids, rather than the secret cabal of old people for once.

The Shade is an odd, slightly confusing book when you’ve got a bad memory. It took me a moment to remember the events of the third issue, as the fourth was an almost completely unrelated story. Still, when it comes down to it, as the opening page so adequately states, it’s all about blood. That’s right, folks, we’re in vampire territory! This issue’s co-star is La Sangre, a formerly human-turned vampire girl that Richard had a hand in raising, who has a vial of his blood in her gruesome ‘collection’, which his leukemia-ridden great-grandson needs to survive. There, I managed to explain the entire issue in one go. I’m not sure how much I enjoyed this issue. The writing was decent, and the art was alright, but I don’t know. As much as I adore Snyder’s American Vampire, vampires just aren’t generally my thing. That opinion may have been what decreased my overall enjoyment of this issue.

Well, that was this week in comics. I’m fairly disappointed. But hey, next week is a double-shot of joy for me; the final issue of Children’s Crusade comes out, and it’s also my birthday! See you then, comic lovers!


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