Insert clever villainous monologue here!

A mighty small week, with only four books up for review, but still the week I look forward to the most. Final issue of Legion Secret Origins, and the continuing sagas of Flash and Teen Titans. Let’s get going!

I’m going to jump right in with Green Lantern: New Guardians. Okay, Tony, we get it. Larfleeze is eeeeevil. The bad guy. As the sole wielder of the light of greed, I think we all figured that out. Then again, there are the people that love Larfleeze, because of the woobie role that Geoff Johns tended to write him into, but I’m going to say that it was because of Johns’ personal bias towards the character. After all, he created him. Invictus…I’d like to compare this guy to every extreme religious group ever. He wants to wipe out the Vega system and replace it with the ship-universe that he created, because the entire system deviated from his (god’s) great plan. Well, okay. That’s not crazy at all. Except in the instances where it totally is. Then there’s the little reminder that this is, in fact, a Wonder of Kyle book. How did Kyle manage to talk Invictus down when the combined power of Saint Walker and Munk (who was directly channeling Saint Walker) failed? Sigh. Though I would like to point out that there was one page that, upon concentrating and listening really hard, I could actually hear people on /co/ and Tumblr begin to ship Arkillo/Saint Walker. Kind of scary, once you think about it.

Wait. Hold on. On the fucking cover I can see a crack in Gim’s helmet. You know, the thing that allows him to breathe in space. If this wasn’t a prologue to everything that happens after, I’d swear that Paul Levitz was preparing to kill him off.
I spent most of this issue thunking my forehead on the table and whimpering, “Are you fucking serious, Levitz?!” Having Mycroft evil-monologue his way through a botched assassination attempt, the return of the Time Trapper…didn’t we get rid of this character back during Final Crisis? It was revealed that he was actually a grown Superboy Prime that had figured out a way to travel through the Multiverse. Was that not good enough for you, Paul? I will admit, I find Tinya’s sort of airy fairy personality a lot easier to swallow than any other I’ve read her in. In the end, I can still say that this was the best Legion book to come out since the Threeboot ended, so I guess it’s not a total loss.

Scott Lobdell, you are not a good writer. I’m sorry. You’re just…not. You start off the issue with a bad guy monologue, and the monologue isn’t even vaguely threatening. The dialogue throughout the issue is awkward and clumsy, to the point of parody. I will admit, Tim Catholic-guilting the others into coming on his rescue mission was sort of funny…if that was the response you were looking for. I don’t really want to go into this issue in full, just because it disappoints me so much. I’ve been let-down by you before, Scott, but damn. A word of advice: How about you drop a title and focus your efforts on making only a couple of comics terrible? Give Teen Titans to someone else. It won’t kill you.

I’m not sure how to feel about this month’s issue of the Flash. On one hand, I like how most of the issue is focused less on the Flash himself, and more on how he affected the people and city around him. We get a closer look at the sort-of love triangle that is Patty, Barry, and Iris, and Word of God says that neither Francis nor Brian are completely sure who they want him to end up with. Not fond of Lisa’s hateful attitude towards Len, though. She’s kind of become a refrigerator magnet when he’s concerned. In the Citizen Cold mini, she was brought in solely to die, so I’m fairly glad she’s actually still alive at this point, though it’s unlikely she’ll ever become Golden Glider. And then there’s the little detail in Director Singh’s apartment about who might be showing up soon. For those who don’t recognize him, he’s the head of Barry’s crime lab. General web opinion is that he could be the boyfriend of Hartley Rathaway, or at least a close enough friend that Piper allows him to keep some flutes in his apartment. I kind of want to lean more towards boyfriend, because it’d be nice to see a LGBTQ character in the Central City PD. Aside from the mildly questionable characterizations, I really sort of did like this issue. It was cool to see Grodd and Solovar cameo. Manapul’s style looks good on them. Flash still remains my favorite book in the reboot, seven months in. Way to go, Flash.

And that was this week in comics. A short week, but still fulfilling, for me at least. For those of you following Marvel, Avengers versus X-men starts this week. I hear it’s supposed to be an epic crossover event. So, keep me informed, I guess.


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