RIP, Static Shock. We hardly knew ye.

A small first week, as I’ve decided to forego the newest Marvel event, Avengers VS X-men, with only 4 books. Sadly, this will also be the last issue of Static Shock, a moment of silence please.

Moment over, let’s groan about Red Lanterns. Oh, Red Lanterns. Why am I reading this book again? It’s so…you know what? I’m done. I don’t care about this wonderful new Red Lantern, the human Jack Moore. I don’t care about how many ass shots Bleez had this issue. I just…don’t care. Red Lanterns, you’ve officially been dropped. Go away.

Justice League International was fairly disappointing this month. Batwing is a character I know next to nothing about, so when he was kinda sorta in danger, my main emotion was ‘meh’. The fight scene against Lightweaver was also meh, mainly because for a guy with such a cool power, he certainly handles it poorly. Breakdown’s meta reveal was actually pretty awesome, because he knows how to use his powers in the most efficient way. But the best part of this issue, for me at least, was the continuing saga of Guy loving Tora. She’s gone from being slightly cold to him to accepting of his affection, and perhaps showing a bit of affection towards him herself. I like that. You go, last surviving relationship holdover from the original JLI line-up.

I’d like to take a second to say goodbye to Travel Foreman, the artist on Animal Man. I believe he’ll be moving over to Birds of Prey. I don’t know why DC thought it was a good idea to put the man whose creepy-ass art caused readers of the title to shit ourselves on a monthly basis on the girl power book, but okay. In any case, hope y’all brought a change of underwear with you to the comic shop, because mother of god. Maxine Baker is officially the creepiest child. After diving headfirst into a pack of wild dogs out to kill her, who do kill her, little Maxine merely ‘leaves her body’ goes into the Red, steals the body of a fox in the real world, then, as if this wasn’t enough so far, she changes the fox’s body into her own, then sends her old body back into the Red. What the fuck is this little demonic entity?! And then, the ever-shrill voice of reason, that goddamn grandma, decides that Buddy has to stop being around his children, because he puts them in danger. Never mind that the talking cat says that Buddy was created as a superhero to bring Maxine into the world, he’s gotta go. Well, good call there granny. Now Buddy is dead, and taken over by the Rot. This is certainly going to bid well for the tiny savior of all life.

Static Shock wasn’t the perfect book. It was good, if a little confusing. It pulled elements from the first Static series as well as his time with the Teen Titans and, if you looked for it, the cartoon. The writer has come out repeatedly as saying that he wasn’t allowed to write what he’d wanted to, that Editorial had a different vision for Static than he did. But all in all? The final issue…it did what the first issue should have. It fully immersed the reader in who Virgil Hawkins is, as a person. As a hero. And you know what? I liked it. I’m going to miss Static Shock, the only cancelled book that, really, had very little reason to be on the chopping block.

Well, that was this week in comics. Am I disappointed? Well…sort of. Animal Man is always a good read and, if you can find a copy in your comic shop, Fairest also had a good second issue. It wasn’t a bad week, but it certainly wasn’t the week I was expecting. See y’all next Wednesday!


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