Alternate reality, universe ships, Speed Forces…must be Wednesday.

Hm, only three titles this week. Well, you know what that means! After you read this post, send an ask to my Tumblr at to vote for one of the topics I’ll put at the end of this entry and tomorrow, you’ll get another post! For now, let’s get started.

Why. That’s all I have to say, concerning New Guardians. Why. Why is this supposed to be a title that is supposed to sync up to other titles, when it barely qualifies to do that? Why would the Weaponer ditch his ring on Korugar…only to immediately forge a new one? Why is Arkillo shown to be so blindly devoted to Sinestro, only to put his own name in his new oath? Why is Kyle able to tell an extension of Larfleeze’s ring to not tell Larfleeze that he’s got a pretty good chance of dying via rainbow corps? I can’t even with this book, honestly.

This week in Teen Titans, Tim becomes the Swan Queen! Okay, Lobdell. Obviously you know how to internet. Way to go, including a fandom joke, I’ll give you credit for that. But the rest of this issue…I can’t. For those of you with short memories, Lilith was a Teen Titan in the 70s, briefly, who rejoined the New Teen Titans in the 80s and 90s, and was then killed by the rogue android Indigo in the mini-series Graduation Day, though her death was overshadowed by that of Donna Troy. Lilith, aka Omen, was an empath with telepathic powers. Omen here, however, seems to have the same powers as a villain called Phobia, as well as the reality-altering powers of the Scarlet Witch. So, grossly overpowered, retooled hero turned villain? Check. Completely incomprehensible plot? Check. Ridiculous costume redesign? Check. Well, I guess I can honestly say that this comic has it all.

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Before I say anything else…really, Francis? Really? A spinning villain named Roscoe? We already had one of those. He was even a metahuman! His name was Roscoe Dillon, and he was the Top. Granted, he was a fairly lame villain, for his time, or at least the time in which he was alive first. Oh, did I forget to mention that this Roscoe’s other ability was the power to never ever go away? Seriously. He’d die, then just show up again in someone else’s body. He even showed up as Barry Allen’s dad once, and teamed up with his girlfriend Golden Glider to fuck with everything the Flash held dear. That was actually a pretty cool story, though as with the rest of the Flash’s history, it was completely negated as of Flash: Rebirth.
But enough about the negative Rogue things. There is one Rogue that the fandom has been clamoring for since, well, since long before Geoff Johns took up the Barry Allen Flash title. He was a big part of Countdown to Final Crisis, but all but vanished from the DCU afterwards. That’s right, kiddies, Hartley Rathaway is back! He’s blonde this time around and, well, all points indicate that he’s definitely the ‘special friend’ of crime lab director David Singh. I’m going to be perfectly honest, I really prefer the little looks into the lives of the side-characters, rather than the main plot of this issue. But hey, I’m a sucker for a good minor character.
The main plot, by the way, deals with Barry looking for the other people, and the ship, that was sucked into the Speed Force. On the way, he encounters a member of the Air Force from WW2, one of the Tuskegee Airmen to be precise, and is waylaid. In Roscoe Hynes’ defense, he’s not a villain. He’s a desperate man that’s been trying to get home for 70 years. He’s been stuck in a place where all of time is rendered useless. That’ll get to a guy after awhile. Though, a plot hole seems to be forming. Turbine knew who Barry was, because the Speed Force showed his him the Flash’s history. So, doesn’t that mean that Iris and the other people on the ship will also know who the Flash is? Francis my friend, you’ve not thought this out very well. Still, naming woes aside, I really did enjoy this issue of the Flash. It’s why I saved it for last after all, always good to end a dismal week on a high note!

And that was this week in comics! Hm, I think I’m forgetting something…oh, right! Starting now (and going until 8 pm on April 26th), my ask box is open to registered and anonymous Tumblr users. Please vote for one of these topics. The topic that receives the most votes by tomorrow at 8 will be written about.

Development Hell, or why we’re never going to get that Judas Contract animated movie
Speedster Twins, what’s up with this trend?
Why the hell do people still live in Gotham City?
Why a Young Avengers/OYL Teen Titans crossover would have been awesome
Or, suggest something!

I hope to see you back here tomorrow, goodnight!


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