Before Watchmen begins!

So, if you’ve been reading other sites like Comicvine and Newsarama, you’d probably have heard of this thing called Before Watchmen. The first issue of the first series, Minutemen, came out today, along with the second issue of Earth-2, and a few other old favorites. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Though I dropped Justice League International off of my buy list last month, that isn’t stopping me from enjoying it now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, JLI is a character interaction book for me. August General in Iron is the narrator this month, and the kindred spirit he hoped to find in OMAC is…lacking, to say the least. Then we get a better idea of just how Guy and Tora’s relationship ended. Long-distance relationships, am I right? Finally, Godiva finally realizes that Booster is just not that into her. Actually, can I take a second? This is me putting on my shipper hat and saying that Booster should have been the ‘iconic gay hero’ DC was flashing at us. I mean, we’d have some build up. Godiva’s been throwing herself at him for ten months now, he’s clearly not interested even though she’s a total babe. I mean, how hard would it be for Booster to just casually mention that he’s already seeing a nice guy named Ted? Ugh. I just. I’m sorry. I’ll stop. Next book.

Wow, this was well thought out on my end. Rant about why Alan Scott shouldn’t have been the outed one, then fall in love with him and his adorable boyfriend. Surprisingly, I enjoy way more things about Earth-2 than I dislike. The Terry Sloane/Michael Holt confrontation was bullshit, but Jay saving that couple from the mutated rats was awesome! Not to mention the scenes with him trying out his powers. The way he got them was a little…lemme put it this way. I like science more than I like magic. I love how the Flash’s powers have always come from lab accidents, because comic book science is hilarious. Having Mercury give him his powers was definitely interesting enough, though it’ll never be my favorite origin. Another thing, look at that uniform. From the neck down, it’s fantastic. But that helmet! It’s like the Ant Man helmet and Jay’s hat had a baby. Nicola Scott, for shame. I’m not going to dive too much into Alan Scott’s story, just because it ended on a cliffhanger that would be considered a spoiler. Though I will mention that I’m dying to know what happened to Al Pratt. Ah well, next month.

I’ve been alternately looking forward to and dreading the entire Before Watchmen line since it was announced. I know for a fact that I’m only going to be buying the Minutemen and Silk Spectre books if they’re good, because they’re the only ones done by creators I like. But are they good? The first issue of the Minutemen book came out today, and you know what? It’s not bad. It’s a short history of the Minutemen, how they came together, and what eventually lead to their end. Basically, it’s everything that was promised to us. Minutemen also has the advantage of being done by the master of retro art in comic books, Darwyn Cooke. His work on Justice League: New Frontier, Catwoman, and The Spirit was amazing, and made me proud to say I was a DC fan. Not to say that his work on Spider-Man over at Marvel wasn’t excellent, too. I think I got most of my Cooke-gushing out of the way a couple of months ago, when I reviewed his issue of The Shade, but expect to see it from time to time. The man is a marvel.

You know how I keep saying that Animal Man is the best ongoing of the New 52? I’m just going to keep on saying that until some other title proves me different, because hot damn. On Earth, Ellen has a chat with three of the Justice League Dark, while Cliff goes and gets himself kidnapped by a Hunter in his dad’s form. Meanwhile, in the Red, the Goat Man explains to Buddy all the things Socks explained to Maxine in the annual last week as they fight Rotlings. It’s a fun issue, if your version of ‘fun’ is as twisted as mine is. 

That was this week in comics. I’m feel I should inform you, World’s Finest also came out this week, as did the infinitely superior Vertigo series, Fairest. Oh, and for those of you in South Florida!

Do you have a lot of comics, trades, action figures, and other assorted comic, sci fi, and anime paraphernalia? And you want to make some space for new nerd junk? Come on down to Tate’s Comics this Sunday for their second annual Swap and Sale! I’ve got a booth again, and enough comics and manga to satisfy the choosiest customer. Hope to see y’all there!


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