DC’s necro fandom…rise!

I’d like to share a story with you before I begin. Earlier today, I got to meet Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor. If you’ve been reading the ToG Blog for a long time, you’ll probably remember how passionately positive I was about their run on Power Girl’s solo title. I love Amanda Connor’s art. She’s the undeniable queen of cheesecake; in an industry full of traced porn stars, orbital tits, barely there costumes, and spine-snapping fighting positions, Amanda can take a female character and draw her sexy without drawing her sexually. It’s a talent that others could really learn from. I didn’t get to tell her that today. I barely spoke to her, actually. I complimented the way she drew Owen Mercer in her one issue of Supergirl, and told her husband how much I enjoyed one of his Jonah Hex books. I also shared a story about how I wasn’t able to read their mini-series, Terra, until it came out in trade, because it was sold out everywhere the first time around. I didn’t get to tell her how much I appreciated her, as a creator. How much I enjoyed what she’d done with Power Girl and Huntress in the few issues of JSA: Classified she drew. I didn’t even get to tell her about how I had the one page she drew in 1998 of Superheroes at the Rental Store for Mad magazine, because a friend of mine was throwing out her copy of Mad About Superheroes, because she spilled a bowl of cereal on it, and I rescued the single page from the trash bin. You’re my idol, Amanda. You saw images of women in superhero comics and said, “Nah, I can do it better than that.” And then you did.

All that build-up, so of course I have to lead with the first issue of Silk Spectre. Laurie was not my favorite character in Watchmen. Actually, I kind of hated her. She and her mom were both so incredibly “the girls”, it just rubbed me the wrong way. But I can understand the story. An overbearing mother pushes her daughter into a career path she’s not exactly comfortable with. That was their relationship. Antagonistic and strained. And that’s how it’s shown in this first issue. After her father leaves, her mother clings to Laurie, dedicating herself to training her daughter up into the baddest girl superhero you ever saw. But Laurie is 16. She wants to have a social life. She wants to have a life that isn’t defined by what her mother wants. I think it’s safe to say that this mini is going to be our failed ‘coming of age’ tale of the bunch because remember, in the end? Laurie goes back to her mother, who pushes her into joining the Watchmen.

Hey, you know what I wasn’t looking forward to? Someone trying to resurrect the Superboy/Wonder Girl relationship. I mean, god bless Cassie for refusing to fall for it, but damnit, Kon! Oh, that’s another thing. Even if the meaning of his name has been completely fucked up, I still like that Superboy is Kon-El again. I never liked his Conner Kent identity, everything about it was just…off. Honestly, I was convinced that Kon in the ’03 Teen Titans book was just Match pulling a fast one. His personality was skewed to the point of no return and…we’re gonna stop talking about the past and focus on the now. Like I’ve said before. Superboy is the only Lobdell-written book that I’m not embarrassed to say I read. It’s like, he focused all his energy on making this one passable, then phoned it in on Red Hood and Teen Titans. In any case, it’s the classic we’re-on-an-island scenario. Cassie and Kon spend a little time arguing, then decide to just get along tentatively, until they can figure out if the rest of their team is on the island, too. Oh course, there’s the underlying plot of Kon attempting to figure out his blossoming romantic feelings for Cassie, but I’m trying to ignore that. Silly boy, you never try to seduce the girl you beat up at first sight, that’s not how a healthy relationship works.

Holy shit. I need to. I just. Give me a minute.

Okay. So. A short history of Owlman. Traditionally, the character has been connected to Earth-3, home of the Crime Syndicate. There was another Owlman who served on Earth-1’s Outsiders recently, but I never actually read that particular book. Part of me knows that I should have been expecting Owlman. The Court of Owls. Their kill-men, the Talons. Everything about this is coming together now. Then there’s the big reveal. Bruce Wayne’s mentally twisted brother, Thomas Jr. Younger, from the sounds of it. How did Bruce’s parents cover up his existence? If you look to the second story within this issue, the tale of Jarvis Pennyworth, you’ll find that…they didn’t. Not really. Bruce was a very young boy when his mother was pregnant, and the Court was already gunning for her back then. There’s a chance that, as both stories progress, we’ll learn from the first story how Lincoln March came to be, and from the second, how Thomas Jr. ceased. And for the first time in my life, I can’t wait.

I had two separate outbursts while reading Green Lantern. The first one was, of course, “These spacehusbands! I can’t!” and the other was a short, sharp, “REALLY?!” Give me a moment to explain. We get it, Geoff. Hal and Thaal are married. Your ship sails proudly. And frankly, I love it. I love it that you so blatantly ship these two, to the point where you can write fanfic, get it published, and call it canon. I also love how you made it so that at least one member of the Indigo Tribe has sort of managed to redeem herself, so that it’s shown that Abin Sur is infallible and all of his methods work every time. But bringing back the existence of Black Lanterns? Really? I thought we left that shit behind in the old universe. I have one problem with Black Hand going back to being a BL and one problem only: All suicides are now ready for liftoff. He jumped off that cliff on his own, to avoid getting brainwashed again. He offed himself. Does that mean that all suicides are prime candidates for resurrection via black ring? Or is William Hand special? The carrier bag, if you will. Is that it? Because if that’s it…that’s stupid. Really, really stupid. I’m sorry, but it is.

And that was this week in comics. I hear the next issues of Ravagers and Suicide Squad came out but, heh, no. I’m Touch of Grey, and I have a bit of a ride ahead of me before I get to go home.


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