Welcome back to ladies week!

I’d like to once again welcome you to ladies week! We’ve got seven books to cover this week, and three of them are female-lead titles. Heck, this week, Outlaws focuses on Starfire so technically, that’s a female-lead issue too. Shall we?

Ha, I say it’s ladies week, and start off with Blue Beetle. This title has been growing on me lately. Yes, Jaime still reminds me of OYL Tim Drake, but he’s getting less whiny. This issue, Jaime seeks help from the D.E.O.. Now, for those not in the know, the D.E.O. is the Department of Extranormal Operations. They’re…not really known for being helpful towards metahumans. The D.E.O. has a bit of a bug up their butt, no pun intended, about aliens and masked vigilantes. See Batwoman for more information on them. If you have a problem with depictions of torture, you may want to skip this issue. It’s nothing major, but it could be triggering to people none the less. The thing that got me excited this month was the big reveal at the end of the issue…the Blue and Gold, together again for the first time! Now, this has me a little upset. This is really where we find out whether or not Ted Kord ever existed. If Booster meets Jaime, and has nothing to say along the lines of ‘I knew a guy with that name once’, I will cry. Not oh, boo hoo, internet tears, I will cry. I take my Blue Beetle very, very seriously.

Kori is a badass. This is the main thing you need to know about her, no matter the incarnation. New Teen Titans Kori was a badass, Teen Titans cartoon Kori was a badass, Red Hood and the Outlaws Kori is a badass. Writers can change everything else about her, but the character Starfire will always be one of the strongest extraterrestrials in the DCU. Now that that’s over with, let’s talk about Isabel. We met her a few issues ago, when she was flirting with Jason on their flight to Hong Kong. She’s…in way over her head. I don’t have a lot of faith that she’s going to survive her first trip to space. Romance isn’t exactly a focus of this title. Though, speaking of. I guess Roy and Kori are a couple now? With Kori settling into a relationship and letting her badassery shine through, maybe now she’ll get some actual issue to issue characterization instead of just being the pretty one with no clothes. Here’s hoping!

I’m not a fan of books that jump around in timelines, but for Batwoman, I’ll make an exception. This issue, we see several different narratives, which eventually culminate in a twist ending that made me curse out loud. For this, I offer to you a SPOILER ALERT.
I’ve said before, I like this book for all the different points of view it takes. But my favorite narrative this month, by far, was the one belonging to Jake Kane. I’ve liked his character since he was introduced in Elegy, and I feel that this fleshing-out he’s been getting lately is long overdue. Jake has spent nearly every moment of his days with Bette since she went under, and in a heartfelt soliloquy, confessed that he’d loved his other daughter, Beth, more than Kate because of her compassion. That’s really very hard hitting, if you think about it. Parents are rarely shown as ‘choosing favorites’, but in the last two weeks, two major members of the Batfamily have been outed as the favorite child. Why is that? And the parallels of them…Bruce Wayne’s younger brother, Thomas Jr., was the forgotten son, and he ended up a villain. Beth Kane, Kate’s twin sister, was presumed dead for years, until the unspoken favorite daughter also reappeared as a villain. It’s just interesting to think about. Also fascinating is Sune’s reveal at the end of the issue. As it turns out, both brother and sister are one and the same. Both, yet neither, a shapeshifter unnamed. Oh my, that rhymed!

It figures it would take an arc centered around Querl and Nura to get me back into Legion of Superheroes. So, taking what we know about the Dominators so far, they’ve kidnapped Brainy and DG to steal their DNA to add their skill sets into warrior clones to further the race. Not bad…except Brainy is a Dox. His entire race isn’t of a Level 12 intelligence, just him. So how do we know that simply stapling his cells to those of a Dominator clone warrior will create a being with a boosted intelligence? Actually, the fact that the scientists working on the project don’t know is what’s keeping our taken Legionnaires alive and waiting for rescue. And what a rescue it’ll be! Paul Levitz is having the X-men go after them! I’m sorry, the second I saw that splash panel, I knew I’d be making that joke. We’ve got a tracker, a body-splitter, a psionic, and a guy in a floating wheelchair forming a team, you look me dead in the eye and tell me that the first thing you think of isn’t the X-men cartoon from the nineties. And I will call you a damn liar. Also along for the ride is Grava from the Legion Academy, who I really do like a bit. She’s silly and more than a little annoying, but she’s also very sweet, and her character really grew on me back when Adventure Comics was focused on the Academy. In any case, I’m back on board! Wow me, Paul! Oh, I almost forgot. The cover of this issue has a penis allegory on it. The scientist Dominator is holding a jizz-stick. And their embassy, on the first page? Giant mound of vaginas. Just had to point that out.

Supergirl is a great book. Of all the New 52 books, it was the first to claw it’s way back onto my buy list, and I’m so pleased that it did. No longer is Kara the scared, confused girl who was constantly questioning herself and getting so entirely on my nerves I could scream. Now, she is a warrior. She fights for her friends. By giving Kara an actual supporting cast, the creators have truly given her new life, and a purpose within the new universe. Let’s hope they continue to make the best of her in the months to come.

Wonder Woman is the embodiment of love, that fact was drilled into us during Blackest Night. To the point where it became a holdover into the Nu52. But you know what? Brian Azzarello uses it well. Hades turns the lasso of truth into a noose and asks Diana if she loves him…which she does. She loves him. She loves everyone. But she is not in love with him, because in order for the Eros’ guns to have worked on her, he needs to have love for himself. It’s really a wonderful idea, and it was executed beautifully. Though I doubt we’ll be seeing Hades again for a while, I can’t wait to see what happens when we do.

That was this week in comics, ladies and gents! Next week will be a little more dude-centric with Teen Titans, Justice League, and a new issue of the Flash! See you then!


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