Ladies Week! Don’t call me ‘hero’, baby!

I read something interesting the other day. A wise person said, “Stop reading comics you don’t want to read, stop buying comics just because they have your favorite characters in them.” They’re right. It’s midnight, on Thursday. I’ve literally spent all day putting off touching my new comics, because three books that I did not want to read were covering the ones I did. So you know what? Nope. Nope. I don’t want to read any more Death of the Family crossovers. I don’t want to read Legion of Superheroes. Francis Portella draws an amazing team, but damnit, I haven’t been interested in these guys since they went back to being the Original Legion instead of the post-Zero Hour Legion I grew up on. So, I’m not going to. I have $9 worth of comics sitting to my left that I’m going to pass off to one of my friends who likes Batman. Go team.

In other news, I think I’m just going to initiate Jaime into the estrogen club, because I can’t rightly keep calling this Ladies Week with him penising up the joint. This issue is the next to last one and…wow, that’s poorly thought out. How the heck are they going to wrap up a giant space storyline in one issue, especially after Lady Styx was suddenly brought in? Okay. Look. Jaime, we need to talk. You’re a wee bit too trusting. Just a bit. Alright, a lot. Come on, kid. You’ve got common sense, use it. You’re many, many sectors away from your home, you just blew up the Reach’s utility planet, you’re hanging out with a wanted criminal (whom you accidentally hit on within ten minutes of meeting him), and you’ve got a dead guy seriously warm for your form. If I were you? I’d just go with Lady Styx’s representatives and hijack their ship.

Like I said last month, so long as Supergirl is entangled in the H’El on Earth storyline, I’m not going to bother with a review for it. Aside from Kara learning English, there probably isn’t going to be anything from this story that’ll effect the rest of the series past this crossover, so really, why bother? I know it sounds a tad cynical, but think about it. Did Night of the Owls really affect anyone other than Batman, in the long run? The fallout from Death of the Family is probably only going to really be shown in Batman and Suicide Squad, maybe in Batgirl. I say maybe, because with the new creative team, who really knows? What I’m trying to say is, this crossover will not change the status quo in Supergirl, and that’s what matters to me. Also of note, as of two issues ago, Mike Johnson took on sole writing duties. Hm. He hasn’t done a bad job so far.

I started crying while I read Batwoman. Over and over I have to remind myself, Kate Kane may be the title character, but she’s not the only hero in this book. Batwoman, as a book, is so much more than just Kate Kane. Batwoman is about Bette Kane. Jake Kane. Cameron Chase. And Maggie Sawyer. So often in the year this book has been running, Maggie is put on the backburner. Shown as the frustrated girlfriend, the failing cop. The strong woman who care so much for so many that she can’t bring herself to let a single missing persons case fall to the wayside. When the bullets are flying, and Batwoman and Wonder Woman are too busy with the big, scary monster, Maggie Sawyer is there. She’s fighting for the people of her home. She’s fighting to bring a husband back to his wife, to bring children back to their parents. And I started crying because, thank you, thank you, thank you DC. Thank you for leaving me one. You’ve taken away so many, but thank you for leaving me one significant other that is just as strong as her superhero mate. Thank you for leaving me Batwoman.

I can’t. I spend a lot of time being able to accurately express my feelings for the newest Wonder Woman title, but this time, I can’t. Because…I love the New Gods. I’m loving Diana’s family line. I mean, her brother, upon meeting Orion again after heaven only knows how long, greets him with a friendly headbutt. Which he requests. And Orion’s like, oh, no problem bro. Let’s do this. And then there’s Zola and Hera’s interactions. And just, Lennox. I usually rank Wonder Woman as my fourth favorite title, under Flash, but I think that this arc might be bumping her up some. We shall see as time goes by.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still writing this thing. It’s really just a vanity blog, me spewing my opinion out onto the internet. But honestly, I do the exact same thing on Tumblr, on a daily basis. So why here? I don’t know. I am Touch of Grey. It’s only just Thursday. I think I’m going to go make myself some eggs.

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