Obligatory end of the year post

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t post an entry on Wednesday. Well, there’s a good reason for that: I didn’t have anything to review. DC shot their wad a bit early this month, and then decided to ship most of the books they would have in the last week of December for January 2nd. This irked me, but on the other hand, two issues of Flash this month!

I guess all I wanted to say is, thank you. To anyone that is reading this, thank you for sticking with me this year. I really appreciate everyone who has come over from Tumblr and Facebook and Twitter, and found me through Google. Here’s hoping this year brings another 52+ posts of making fun of every stupid decision DC throws at us, and maybe some great comics along the way.

Have a wonderful end of 2012, and an equally fantastic beginning of 2013.


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