Rotting good fun, unless you’re alive.

My sincerest apologies for the late post, I was a bit distracted by my own hair. Got a bad haircut Tuesday night, and have since transformed myself from Dorothy Hamill to Molly Ringwald circa Breakfast Club. As I’ve decided to stop picking up the Death of the Family issues that I wouldn’t already be buying, we’ve got a grand total of two books to look at today! Ha, I remember the days where the second week of the month would have six books or more. On one hand, I can afford to eat lunch regularly. On the other hand, I could stand to drop some weight, if it meant that I was reading good comics.

The following reviews contain MASSIVE SPOILERS for both Rotworld books.

We’re deep into Rotworld now, with Alec making his way to Gotham, finally, at the end of the last issue. Only one person has the Man-Bat serum injected into them, sadly, and that person is Barbara Gordon. I actually applaud Snyder’s use of Babs here; she’s the only vigilante left to watch over the remaining citizens of Gotham, who’ve taken up residence in Arkham Asylum. Some of the other inmates had apparently been spared of the Rot infection either by their connection to the elements, or their total isolation from life. As far as I can tell, three of the presumably four Arkham inmates left to help guard the population are Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, and the Fluoronic Man. Okay, Freeze and Woodrue I get, because one is connected to the Green, while the other cannot survive outside of his suit, and hasn’t taken it off in years, but why Killer Croc? The guy just had a skin condition, until he was warped over in Batwoman. He’s not connected to any elements, or to the Red. He just…looks cool? Okay, I guess that works. Kind of. Anyway, before he bit the bat-dust, Bruce was working on copying Alec’s restorative formula, and was pretty close. So Alec completes the formula and weaponizes it, giving it to the citizens of Gotham to fight the Rotlings coming their way. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Scott Snyder comic without a shocking ending, so let’s talk about Abby Arcane. She’s, uh. Well, she’s pretty dead, folks. Very dead, I’d like to say. Arcane ripped her head off, spine included. There’s not really a good chance of surviving that.

Over on the Red side of Rotworld, our band of misfits gains a very strong new ally, but possibly loses their only full human. Man, John Constantine just cannot catch a damn break! I think this was the first issue of Animal Man that I haven’t been completely on board with, mainly because of  all the time that was spent on Buddy and his gang, instead of the (arguably) more important Maxine plot. Though, speaking of that, I do see a possibly loophole for Maxine becoming the third Hunter. It’s been shown that she’s able to leave her body and grow a new one out of a nearby animal…so what if she left her body before she was bitten, and jumped into Socks? It would certainly explain how the older Maxine we saw in an earlier issue exists. Something to think about.

I feel bad that I’m posting a late review, for only two books, and it’s this short. However, I do have an event announcement! If you live in South Florida and have a house full of nerdy junk, roll on down to Tate’s Comics today to sign up for a table at next month’s Swap and Sale! For only $25 you get: A guaranteed spot in the parking lot to set up and sell your wares, and a commemorative t-shirt! I’ll personally be in spot #10 with action figures, trades, manga, card games, t-shirts, and of course, a buttload of comic books! If you choose not to get a space and just want to come to the event, it’s February 18th.


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