At last! The long-awaited origin of Damian’s Batman 666 costume!

DC, we need to have a chat.

Okay, I know this is a comic review blog, and that I should save my opinions on shows I don’t even watch for my Tumblr, but come on. As you may have heard, Young Justice and Green Lantern were cancelled, and are being replaced by a new Batman cartoon and Teen Titans Go, a semi-continuation of the Teen Titans cartoon that ran a few years back. This is a stupid move. You see, cartoons take time to make. Instead of cancelling two cartoons with a fairly large fan following, both of whom were famous for their constant hiatuses, why not renew them for more seasons, then take your time airing them, as you already do? That way, you can still have your Batman cartoon, your SD Teen Titans cartoon, and whatever else you wanted? Heck, maybe we could have gotten that third season of Legion of Superheroes that was planned, then cancelled, or a Super Best Friends Forever cartoon. Ahh, but what’s done is done. Actually, no. What’s done is done, but the fanbases of both shows are trying to raise support to have it undone. Personally? I don’t watch TV anymore. I’ll probably never get to watch these shows as they air, because I have work at that time. But if you are reading this, and you enjoy the shows in question, let your voice be heard. Sign petitions, buy episodes on iTunes, tweet creators, email DC! Maybe, if enough people speak up, some higher-up will take notice. And now, back to our scheduled comics.

I am very, very mad at Grant Morrison. As much as I’ve disliked some of his creative choices in the past (such as how he handled Jason in Batman and Robin pre-reboot), I think I get angrier with him when he creates something I love dearly, and then takes it from me. While Grant wasn’t the one to originally create Cyril, he is the one who formed him into what he is today, and gave us Beryl, to boot. And now Cyril’s gone. I know that his death happened last issue, but this isn’t a fakeout. He’s not coming back this time, he’s dead. And I…I don’t want to deal with that. So instead, hey, who remembers Damian’s clone from that one pre-reboot arc of Batman and Robin? Well, he’s a big boy now. A fully grown boy. Which, okay, kinda saw that coming, but at the same time, damn! I owe at least one person money, because I kept insisting that he was going to grow up to be Ibn al Xu’ffasch. Sigh. We could have had it all, folks. We could have had it all.

So, um. Remember when I said I was done with Batman and Robin? Well…okay, hear me out. Despite Peter Tomasi’s depiction of Bruce having me in literal pain whenever I read it, he doesn’t do a bad Damian. He’s got the kid down to a pretty basic science; he’s willing to do anything to get his father to like him, and to trust him as a partner. This being said, the Batman and Robin Annual was awesome. It was half a cute story about Damian sending Bruce on a scavenger hunt to find out things about his parents that he either didn’t know or didn’t remember, such as seeing the place where his father proposed, or visiting a place where they had their picture taken on their honeymoon, and half a story about Damian solving a case on his own. Also, he dressed up as Batman to do it! Ugh, this adorable little shit. I don’t understand why so many people don’t like him. So anyway, it was an issue with very little Bruce in it which, as it happens, turns out to be my very favorite kind of issue. The art was just, wow. Ardian Syaf, please draw Damian from now on. At 38 pages of comic (and 8 pages of ads), the annual was certainly worth $4.99, and I can honestly say that I was satisfied with it, and the content.

What has 20 pages of comic, 10 pages of ads, and the best, most creative layouts in the DC proper right now? Well, that’d be the Flash! I’m going to level with you, folks. It’s 2 am, and one of my friends took me away from my computer to get vodka’d up earlier this evening, so I’m only just coming off of that. But I can say, with some degree of certainty, that I think we’ve found yet another rebooted Rogue. It’s been speculated by fans that Turbine is the reboot version of the Top. They even share the same first name! Well, say hello to Albert, one of the Central citizens sharing a tank with Iris West. He may or may not be the reboot version of Doctor Alchemy. I’m honestly only going on the fact that he started to glow and then somehow managed to get the tank to shoot a mammoth (I know, right?). For all I know, he could be like Mob Rule, a completely new character. In any case, I’d like to see more of him. This issue further outlines the whys and hows of Barry and Iris not getting together. See, she asked him out right after her brother was jailed, leading Barry to believe that she was only trying to get him to help free her brother. Which, I mean, she kind of was, but she felt scummy over it. Thought I did like Daniel’s line: “What’s the matter?! Did I mess up your big chance with Barry Allen?!” Oh, honey. You have no idea.

And that’s this week in comics. If you’d like to save $4, don’t buy the tie-in comic to Injustice: Gods Among Us. Not worth it in any way. (Spoiler alert: if you like literally anyone related to Superman, they die. They just fucking die.) Glory and Hawkeye also came out this week! But I, uh, sort of grabbed the wrong issue of Hawkeye, as both the reprint of #5 and #7 came out at the same time. So, nuts. That was this week in comics. Next week, we tackle Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and, uh, possibly that Valentine’s special DC’s doing. Possibly. 

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