In which my Wednesday is full to bursting with Amazonian might

I’m not going to lie, folks, this is my favorite week of the month. Yes, it’s a little sad that the majority of female-lead books came out today (Catwoman, Sword of Sorcery, and Birds of Prey came out too but shh, I didn’t tell you), but…no. Come on, DC. You have nine books with female leads out of your fifty-two, and one of them is a team book. Six of them should not be coming out today.

In any case, Supergirl! Once again, I really can’t say anything about this book, though I’m fairly sure that H’el on Earth is almost at an end, so we should be back to normal next month. Wonder Woman makes an appearance here to fight with Kara, and ignoring the weird storyline it ties into, it’s actually a really cool sequence. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure Diana shows up in all of the DC books I bought today. So at least DC is finally starting to utilize her?

 Something that has annoyed me about the Superman/Wonder Woman romance that DC has been shoving down our throats is, it’s only really talked about in Justice League. Now, I no longer buy Justice League, but from the big fuss with the Young Romance Valentine’s special and all the online stuff they’re doing, I assume that it’s supposedly going strong? Meanwhile, over in Diana’s own series (which, by the way, is a dollar less than Justice League and actually worth the money), nothing. Superman and Steve Trevor haven’t been mentioned once, with the book focusing more on Diana’s quest to retrieve Zola’s baby from the gods that stole it. And you know what? I like that better. Yes, I love it when a series focuses on a romance within the story, but not when it’s the defining trait of any particular character. It’s why I love the Kate/Maggie relationship in Batwoman so much, Maggie is a cop first, and Kate’s girlfriend second. In any case, this month’s issue of Wonder Woman brings our motley crew (thank you Lennox) to the bar that Zola and Hera had absconded to, to have a drink with War. And then it’s off to Demeter’s realm for the god and demigoddess, to take on Hermes and try to solve their situation once and for all. I haven’t mentioned it much, but I’m actually fairly invested in where this alternate ‘first-born of Zeus’ plotline is going. I assume that he’s being set up to be the series’ next villain, but you never know.

Oh gosh, there were so many good parts in Batwoman this week. I feel like an excited kid on her birthday, and the present I just unwrapped was a trip to Islands of Adventure. We finally, after seventeen issues, reach the conclusion of the missing kids storyline! This is a big deal for me. I’ve been rooting for the safe return of those kids since day one. Medusa is vanquished, Ceto is free to live her life in obscurity, and even our little vigilante that could is back with a brand new identity, socking it to the villain that laid her low. I’m going to miss Bette’s Flamebird identity, mainly because it was just so amazingly flamboyant. Not since Nightwing was in disco feathers has a nonpowered hero been so…garishly awesome. Still, Hawkfire? Great name, great costume, and the girl shoots fireballs from her gloves. Fireballs that sometimes take the form of a bird. Hello, I love you. Finally, the Kate and Maggie and Batwoman storylines all meet. This moment, I feel, can only be shown, not described. After bringing the missing children back to Maggie, Kate reveals herself, through her words, and asks,


Of course, not everything is peaches and cream. A moment of silence for Mr. Abbot, who nobly leaped to a pretty pointless death at the eyes of Medusa. And guess who’s back, after years of being assumed dead? Well, maybe not years…unless you’re a comic book fan who has been waiting since 2009 to read a real conclusion to the story in question. That’s right, welcome back, Alice! This issue was basically perfect, and left me squirming in anticipation for next month.

And so ends another week. If you’re into that sort of thing, DC Universe Presents focused on Arsenal this month, and it was actually pretty good, especially the art by Ricken. See, DC? Roy can be interesting when Lobdell hasn’t got his mitts on him! Secret confession: You know who I’d like to see take over Red Hood and the Outlaws? Judd Winick. Yeah, that Judd Winick. What can I say? He wrote Roy well in Outsiders, and was the one to literally breath new life into Jason Todd. If anyone could make that mess of a series work, it’d be him. Saga also came out today from Image and if you haven’t been reading Saga, seriously, start reading Saga. I’ll be back next week with Flash, Batman Inc, and Young Avengers. Good night, moonies!


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