Team Estrogen, go!

Hey, you know what day it is? Well, obviously it’s Wednesday. But do you know which Wednesday it is? I’ll give you a guess: dicks. Nowhere are there dicks.
It’s ladies’ week! Four books, and I’m excited for every last one of them! Let’s not waste any time, and jump right in.

One thing I’ve liked about DC Universe Presents, is how it gives me the ability to pick and choose what I read. So if I’m not interested in Deadman, the Challengers of the Unknown, or Vandal Savage, I can just skip them and pick up the single Kid Flash issue, and nothing is lost. I’ve actually picked up three issues of this series so far, the Kid Flash issue, the Arsenal issue, and the new Starfire issue and…I hate to say that the characters have all been handled much better here than they were in their own books, but yeah. They have been. Not that it was too hard, as the writer of both the books these characters come from is Scott Lobdell. I mean even Fabian Nicieza (Kid Flash) is easier to stomach than him, and the amazing Joe Keatinge (Arsenal, Starfire), half of the current Glory team? C’mon, you’re kidding, right? In any case, enough creator praise. The Starfire story in today’s issue is, amazingly, not another retelling of her origin. I guess it was decided that five times in one reboot was more than enough. Instead, it’s a story of Koriand’r before she made it to Earth, before she became the captain of the Starfire, but after she escaped enslavement. It’s interesting to read, Keatinge’s interpretation of her. Not my favorite by far, but interesting nonetheless. Here, Kori is a freedom fighter, who seeks to free a village from the threat that is the slavers…but they don’t want her help. DCUP is one issue from over, as the series was cancelled some months back, so pick up the remaining issues while you still can.

Ugh, and here I thought H’El on Earth would no longer apply to Supergirl. Okay, it’s no secret that I don’t like crossover events, and that’s mainly because, every so often, something like this will happen. When did Kara get Kryptonite poisoning? Probably in Superman, Superboy, or Action Comics. SIGH. In any case, Lex Luthor has a robot brain and facial scarring, Kara is psychically connected to Earth-2 Kara, and I am so done with this book for right now.

This issue of Wonder Woman was odd, to say the least. For one thing, two separate artists worked on it, making the visuals a bit difficult to flow with. I’m not sure I like Goran Sudzuka’s  style very much, at least not for Diana. For another thing, that firstborn of Olympus storyline is still going strong, even though the search for Zola’s baby storyline ended this issue. It feels a bit detached, like it should belong in a second feature, rather than intermixed with the main story. That being said, a few things were made clear this issue, such as Orion’s douche maneuver in the bar last issue. God, just pat her shoulder next time, buddy. All in all, it was a good end to the arc, and I can only hope that things get better for Zola from here on out.

J.H. Williams, please come back to Batwoman on art. Please? Not that Trevor McCarthy isn’t fantastic, because he is, but he’s not quite the right fit for Kate. In this issue, the Batwoman family extends, and the DEO officially become the villains. Hey, remember that time Bette Kane finally got her wish of being Robin? So she goes by the name Hawkfire, she’s still the sidekick to a bigger Bat, and she’s still the funny one. I like the chemistry between the cousins, they work well together, even if they both have different voices in their ears. Jake Kane is still coaching his niece, and Cameron Chase is still ordering around Kate, but they both seem to be displaying a certain lack of control over their charges. Good. Beat the system, ladies! Oh, by the way, Maggie said yes! Remember? When Kate asked her to marry her? Well, she said yes, and they’re looking for an apartment to share before they get married. Ahh, I love a happy ending, don’t you?

That was this week in comics! By the by, Requiem continues, sort of, in Nightwing, if you feel like being sad about Damian Wayne again. Saga also came out today, and holy cow. If you’re not reading this book, you’re obviously living in a very small town whose comic shop only orders from DC and Marvel, and I am very sorry to hear that. See y’all back here next week, when I cover Young Avengers, Batman Inc, and the start of a new story arc in Flash!

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