In which I flip a table to Australia and back.

So hey, remember when I said that Animal Man wasn’t coming out this week? I was wrong. Good thing I go by what the Diamond Distributors website says rather than just blindly listen to the DC Comics site, right? Unfortunately, Animal Man is the only book I review that came out this week, since I made the executive decision to walk away from Swamp Thing.

God damnit, DC. I just. Do you lot know what my favorite thing about the New 52 Animal Man was, from day one? Buddy Baker isn’t the main character in his own series, his daughter is. She’s gonna grow up to be a superhero, just like daddy, except better. And his wife was a more than a little annoyed by the whole superhero thing, but she supported him in it. She believed in him. And his son was kind of an asshole sometimes, but I think he was supposed to be almost a teenager, so, yeah that’s pretty accurate preteen behavior. They were a normal family that happened to be full of superheroes. I haven’t seen something like that handled well since the Pixar movie The Incredibles. Yes, I’m including Waid’s second Flash run, where Wally and Linda have the kids in this.
Now, I understand that it can be frustrating for a normal woman to look at her husband and young daughter and have to realize that someday, they’re both going to be risking their lives to protect the world, and there’s nothing she can really do about it, but going into full-on denial mode just doesn’t help. Other things happened this issue, such as Buddy’s expulsion from the Red, but…no. You know what? I’m not done yet. I’m not done being upset about this.
The Bakers were it. They were all we had left. There was no Flash family to fall back on, what with 90% of the characters going bye bye, and Barry and Iris’ marriage being dissolved. The Supermarriage was gone. Barda and Scott no longer existed. Dick and Kory were a brief fling. Guy and Ice had one date that apparently didn’t go well. Traci 13 didn’t exist to meet a boy named Jaime. No Dibnys, Joan left Jay the first issue of Earth-2…Buddy and Ellen Baker were all I had left. They were all a lot of people had left, what with the DC deciding that no one wanted to see people in happy, stable relationships. Who else was allowed to be happy? Aquaman and Mera, and eventually, Maggie Sawyer and Kate Kane. Ta da. Ha. And the worst part? Animal Man is still a good comic. It’s compelling. It makes me feel things for the characters other than the urge to hide them away from the writer. I still consider it to be one of the best things to come out of the New 52. So I’m going to trust in Jeff Lemire. If he’s doing this, it must be for a reason.

That was, uh, this week in comics? Sort of? Oh, before I forget: The Flash kinda makes an appearance in this month’s issue of Dial H, Jesse Quick is featured in Ame-Comi Girls, this month marks the final issue in the Haunted storyline in Smallville Season 11 with Bart Allen, and Glory ends today. Seeing as none of these (with the exception of Glory) are books that I normally read, I decided to not comment on them. See y’all next time.


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