This just in:

Another living legend becomes slightly less so…Carmine Infantino passed away today at age 87. He leaves us with a comics legacy unlike any other. As one of the fathers of the Silver Age of comics, he gave the world Dinah Lance, Barbara Gordon, and most importantly to me, the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen and his young sidekick Wally West.

I met Mr. Infantino at Florida Supercon last year and while I was unable to afford to have him sign one of the comics I’d brought (#291 featuring Captain Cold, one of my favorite villains), I was able to talk to him for a little bit. I told him that his characters, his comics, were what had gotten me into comics in the first place. If it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Then I shook his hand and left, as I was getting a little teary-eyed. One of his table assistants caught up to the person I’d gone to the convention with later that day, telling him that I’d made Mr. Infantino very happy, as he was always glad to see the effect his work had on people.

Rest in peace, Mr. Infantino. The world is a slower place today without you.


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