This is now a Batman hate blog

Perhaps you’re wondering, dear reader, why this post is going up past one in the morning on Thursday. It is, quite simply, because I am done with Batman.

I’ve written and rewritten reviews for Batman and Batman and (Red) Robin several times, but nothing feels right about them. Simply put, Batman has become completely uninteresting to me, whereas Batman and Blank is just…not for me. The relationship between Bruce and Tim is incredibly strained with no real explanation why. Basically, Batman is losing his goddamn mind in the wake of the loss of Damian, and I can’t take it anymore. Scott Snyder, I love you, but I’m so done with your Batman right now. Hurry up and bring back American Vampire. Dropping Batman and Robin again is no real loss. I’ve actually been expecting to do so for a month or two, now. After all, my love of Damian is what kept me coming back, but there is no Damian there for me to love. So you know what?

Instead of trying to slog through the mopey mess, we’re going to be looking at a book called Li’l Gotham.

Li’l Gotham is a net-first comic that comes out once a month, and has been published regularly via Comixology since last October. It’s friggin’ adorable, and the best part? No one is dead. No one is crazy. At one point, Damian uses a trumpet to play pied piper to a flock of turkeys that the Penguin has been using as minions. Colin Wilkes was invited to Thanksgiving dinner. Stephanie Brown is Batgirl on the cover, with Cassandra Cain as Black Bat and Barbara Gordon as Oracle. It’s literally the perfect Batman family book.

The first physical issue is a combination of the first two digital issues, and amazingly, it’s not $3.99. My advice, if you want to be happy? Skip the journey into misery that is Batman and Red Robin, and spend that $3 on Li’l Gotham.

That was this week in miserable, disgruntled comics. It’s funny. For the most part? I’m quite pleased with the comics I bought this week. Hawkeye and Avenger’s Arena came out over from Marvel, as well as Saga, and Fionna and Cake. I find myself to be much happier when not reading DC books. That being said, next week is ladies’ week! Batwoman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. See you then!

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  1. 1

    agadudes said,

    I can totally relate to this blog, as a Batman fan, the whole mess of the new 52 in terms of Gotham is getting out of hand. With crossovers breaking storylines all over the place. I guess my biggest complaint is with the events of Batman Incorporated #9, had I not read that comic, reading Batman #18 would have been just a terrible experience. I don’t care for crossovers as they do break story and audience immersion, so I feel you in those terms.

    As for me, I’m still sticking to Batman, there still the (almost) unbroken continuity in Detective Comics, just hope the new Trinity Wars wont break open another continuity break.

  2. 2

    Eric said,

    You do know Synder is taking Batman back to his early years before Damien was around right? That’ll be a new (old) Batman. And for the time being Batman and _____ is changing each time and who knows where it’ll be after Nightwing.

    • 3

      touchofgrey37 said,

      I was not aware of that, though it doesn’t really matter to me, personally. I don’t like Bruce Wayne. I’ve never liked him. I was only reading Batman and Robin for Damian, and Batman because, for a while, it was one of the few Bat-related books with a decent story. It no longer interests me, so I’ve decided to stop reading it.

  3. 4

    wwayne said,

    If you miss Barbara Gordon as Oracle, read Batman: Arkham Unhinged. She’s still Oracle in that series. : )

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