This is the end, my friend.

And so, we reach a crossroads.

Readers, I bought ten comics this week. I don’t want to review any of them.

Of course, that’s not to say that I found them bad. On the contrary, I found most of them to be very good! I mean, the last week of the month is usually very good to me. Flash, Young Avengers, Wolverine and the X-Men, Avengers Arena, Morning Glories…this month even had an American Vampire anthology! But…none of it moved me.

Wolverine and the X-Men saw a romance that had been set up from the beginning finally reach its (awkward) culmination; Young Avengers answered some burning questions, while setting up a new arc full of even more questions set to drive us crazy; Morning Glories sort of revealed exactly why Irina was the way she was; FF had the perfect blend of funny parts, heartwarming parts, and wait-what parts; Flash…

A friend of mine who runs a podcast got to interview Brian Buccellato earlier this year. Like, February. I’ve known the identity of the new Reverse Flash since February, you guys. And even before then, the person who it ended up being was my #1 suspect from the get-go. I inherited this ability from my gram, who can tell you who the murderer is within five minutes of them being introduced.

Actually, I feel like I should just admit this now: superhero comics are starting to lose my interest. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them. I’m going to be chained up in DC’s sex-dungeony sub-basement until the day I die. The best proof of this is that I haven’t not bought an issue of a Titans-related series since I started buying comics regularly in 1998. Drink that in, then think about what it means.

My love for Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Animal Man are still going strong. I’d love Vibe more if I was actually able to get my hands on copies of it; my comic shops (plural) always under-order, and sell out the same day. I still haven’t read issue #5, and am putting off reading #6 and #7 until I do. Supergirl and Suicide Squad are in danger again, if only because they’re walking that fine, thin line between confusing and boring. When I’m confused by something, it means my brain is at least willing to give untangling it a try. When I’m bored, you can just forget it.

And Marvel! I’m buying more Marvel books now that I have since before Civil War; Avengers Arena, Avengers AI, FF, Hawkeye, Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Men, and Young Avengers. With the exception of Wolverine and the X-Men, I started all of these books on either their first issue, or within the first five. I’m finding them all to be enjoyable, even Avengers Arena, to an extent. But are they anything new? No, not really. They’ve all got interesting concepts, good to excellent writing and art, and even occasionally show character growth. I like that. But just like with DC, it’s not enough.

I’ve been buying a lot of Image, Vertigo, and Oni Press stuff, lately. Last week, the latest trade of Chew came out, and Saga has started up again. I’m also buying Morning Glories, and plan on buying Rocket Girl, Pretty Deadly, Deadly Class, and Sex Criminals when they come out later this year. Aside from the interesting premises and thoroughly intriguing previews I’ve seen of them, the titles are being done by creators I hold in quite a high regard, such as Amy Reeder, Matt Fraction, and Kelly Sue DeConnick. From Vertigo, I’m currently devouring American Vampire, Fairest, Trillium, Collider (sorry, FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics), and The Wake. Within the next few months, I’ll be adding Sandman: Overture, Hinterkind, Dead Boy Detectives, and Coffin Hill to my regular pull list.

I’m still just as in love with comics as I’ve always been, I’m just going back to my first love. Long before the Flash adorned pretty much everything I wear, I was reading about Will Eisner’s idea of New York City. Ross Campbell’s Wet Moon is still the book I recommend to people who want to read comics with human proportions in them.  Los Bros Hernandez have spent almost 30 years crafting a world where hammer-wielding women become mayors and perfect-bodied eccentrics become superheroes. And frankly, I love it.

Again, I’d like to issue a formal apology. My love of cape comics has waned in such a way, I don’t know if I can continue to regularly update. I will try, god knows I will try, but forcing myself to come up with witty things to say about books I don’t entirely care about was killing me. Hopefully, this feeling will pass, and I’ll be back at the same Bat time next week, encouraging you lot to buy Batwoman. If not, well.

I think we had a decent run, don’t you?

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