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This was actually a pretty good week to be a comic fan.

Fairly big week, hooray! I have to review Catwoman, boo.

Judd Winick, look at your life. Look at your choices. Now look at your writing in comparison to, say, Ed Brubaker. Jeph Loeb. Darwyn Cooke. What do all of these writers have in common, compared to you? They don’t suck when it comes to writing Selina Kyle. I have no review other than this.

Nightwing is kind of like Green Lantern: New Guardians to me. It’s one of those “wonder of x” books, with x equaling Dick Grayson. Dick is now the owner of Haly’s Circus, he gets to bang the hot redhead, but he’s also sort of a murder suspect, and still on the hitlist of that Saiko guy. This issue deals with delving into Dick’s past, and it’s sort of dull. But hey, next month: Batgirl! And after their riveting encounter in her title, I’m just so looking forward to that.

I liked this issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws. It’s like, Lobdell was getting his terrible out of the way early so that he could bring us things like this. Kory’s ‘most cherished memory’ may not really seem like a good thing, but I think I understand. It was the first time she re-asserted herself as a member of royal blood after the Citadel conquered her planet. To her, the feeling she had then was one of not only power, but freedom, a freedom she hadn’t felt for some time. Roy’s memory was another empowering one. He was at his lowest point, and was brought up out of the darkness by an unexpected person. Jason’s memory is the only one that could really be considered ‘cherished’; when he was sick, and Bruce took a night off from The Mission to spend time with him. All in all, it was a pretty good issue. Kenneth Rocafort can draw everything forever, as far as I’m concerned.

Justice League is getting progressively better. I haven’t been following Wonder Woman (though I’m changing that as of today), so this is my first look at her in the DCnU. You know, I like her. I like her a lot. She’s got the mindset of your typical Amazon, and the curiosity of a child. Combined, they make for a good, interesting take on a character we all know so well. You know, one of my favorite things about Justice League is all the little character cameos. Dr. Stone works alongside Dr. Ivo and Tom Morrow, while their intern is Sarah Charles. Squee!

I like Simon Tycho. Maybe it’s because I have a weakness for evil rich dudes, but my god do I like this character. He reminds me of reboot Brainiac 5, always focusing on the experiment at hand. Supergirl is a fantastic fish-out-of-water title, and I really do like it, so hopefully this Luthor-lite is going to be a recurring villain.

So is it just me, or is Brainy’s hair getting curlier and more fabulous every issue? Is there a humidifier in his lab or something? No, I’m not going to focus on the Dominator plot. I have no interest in the Legionnaires on that mission, but I happen to love Brainy and Glorith, so that’s where I’ll be focusing my attentions. This Portella guy? Keep him on Legion. His Brainy is the best I’ve seen in a couple of years.

I don’t think any of you comprehend how much I love Green Lantern Corps. I’ve always enjoyed reading about Lanterns other than the ones from 2814. That being said, I love Peter Tomasi, as a writer. Yes, he keeps the Lanterns of 2814 at the forefront, but he also introduces us to so many of the lesser-written Lanterns. For instance, in this issue, Salaak is fantastic, and Lantern Porter really gets a star role. I’m interested to know what’s up with the enemy they’re fighting, though. I’m guessing that they’re creatures literally made of willpower, that would explain the higher than possible levels. Maybe a creation of the late Krona? Ah well, until next month.

So, maybe y’all have heard of a gentleman named Kevin Maguire. In my personal opinion, he does the best, most expressive faces in comics. Ig Guara is now officially my choice for a close second, a title that, ironically, was once held by the last penciller of the Blue Beetle ongoing, Rafael Albuquerque. Basically what I’m saying is that the art in this book? Probably my favorite in the DCnU. Yes, I like it better than Batwoman and the Flash. But really, look at Jaime on the second page. Look at his face and his body language and tell me that this isn’t one hell of a happy kid. You can literally feel the characters emotions as you read, and that’s amazing. The story is also getting progressively better, with Bianca regaining some of her first-run awesome mom charm, and Milagro finally having a speaking part. However, most of the issue is more focused on La Dama. She’s… noticeably more evil in this incarnation than she used to be, actually killing someone on-panel in order to locate Jaime. Also, look at Plasmus, Warp, and Phobia. Those new designs are flawless. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I do in fact love Blue Beetle, in its current incarnation.

That was this week in comics! Sorry about the late update, but, well, I’m addicted to American Horror Story. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s really worth a watch. See y’all back here next Wednesday!


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An overview of the 26 titles in the new 52 I’ve read: I promise it’s not as dull as the title would suggest.

I know, I’m a day late and a dollar short on this, but I had a lot going on over the weekend, so bear with me.

Tomorrow begins the second month of the DC reboot. Over the course of September, I personally read 26 of the 52 new titles and, for the most part, enjoyed them. The point of this particular post is to outline the books I liked and will be buying, the books I will continue to read to torture myself, and the books I will be avoiding. One, two, ready, go!

The Good: The books I will be buying, until quality ceases.

The Flash: I liked the first issue. I was so ready to hate it, too. It was a Barry book, Wally didn’t exist, Bart probably wasn’t going to be in it, and Iris wasn’t the main female. But you know what? It held its own. It’s a Barry book that we haven’t seen before; focusing more on his life as police scientist Barry Allen rather than his superpowered alter-ego, the Flash. The art didn’t hurt, either. If he’s able to pull this book off, Francis Manapul will officially be my favorite professional writer/artist, next to Ross Campbell.

Justice League International: This was another title I wasn’t expecting to like. I mean, my favorite character quit the team in the preview pages, not to mention that blatant dig at fans who had been bitching about the new 52 both online and at conventions. But…it has Guy and Ice being friendly again. Gavril is still ridiculously adorable. Also, August General in Iron. He’s there. DC remembers that he exists. This is basically one of those books I’m going to be getting for character interaction rather than content. Yes, the first arc is going to be about fighting giant monsters, but I’d rather just see Gavril and August General argue some more.

Green Lantern: It’s a Sinestro book, and Hal Jordan is miserable and living a terrible life without his ring. As vindictive as this sounds, this is everything I’ve ever wanted in a Green Lantern book. Oh, and the end of the first issue looks suspiciously like the beginning of a really hardcore slashfic. That’s enough of a reason to keep reading.

Green Lantern Corps: It’s a Guy and John book that isn’t set in the DCnU. That is reason enough for me to buy it.

Green Lantern: New Guardians: Pros: Multi-Lantern book. Written by Tony Bedard. Pretty, pretty art. Cons: Seems to be a ‘wonder of Kyle’ book. Might be set in the DCnU. I’m split on this book, but the first issue was more of a set up than anything. Once we get some plot going in issue 2, then I’ll make my decision.

Red Lanterns: Great writing, terrible art. Seriously, how do neither Ed Benes nor Rob Hunter know how to draw a cat? But moving away from the bad, I’ve always had a fondness for the Red Lantern Corps. I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of the Corps members’ stories as time goes on.

Batwoman: This title could only improve if Greg Rucka was also working on it. Batwoman is amazing and beautiful and not set in the DCnU, plus Maggie Sawyer. I have no words to describe this book to you all other than a resounding yes.

Nightwing: I love Dick Grayson. I love time travel plots. Therefor, the first arc of the new Nightwing series appeals to me greatly, personally. Also is not apparently set in the DCnU, which is nice.

Animal Man: There is nothing about this book that I don’t love. The writing, the art, the twist ending of the first issue that sets up the rest of the arc. This is the surprise hit for me. Batwoman, I expected to like. Animal Man, I never expected to love.

Justice League Dark: Man, talk about an unexpected hit. I don’t really like magic books (Zatanna being an obvious exception), but this one spoke to me. Maybe it was because a character that had died in Flashpoint was once again alive and it gave me hope, maybe it was all the Vertigo characters showing up in one book had me convinced that the mysterious woman in red was actually an entity like the Endless, who knows. But I liked it, and I can’t wait to read more.

Resurrection Man: Unlike Animal Man, whom I’ve fairly familiar with, Resurrection Man is new for me. All I know about him is that he can’t die permanently, and every time he’s killed, he comes back to life with a new power. It’s a cool, slightly depressing concept, and I like it. Who knows, maybe the new series will make me want to seek out backissues of the old, to see how they differ.

Static Shock: No contest, this is hands-down my favorite ‘teen’ book in the new 52. I loved the Milestone series, and Rebirth of the Cool is never dusty on my shelf (when I’m not lending it out to people). Scott McDaniel nails Virgil’s personality head-on. And he really, really makes me want to know why the hell there are two Sharons.

Deathstroke: He is the badass’s badass, and I believe I am quoting an actual line from the first issue. I haven’t got all the issues of the first Deathstroke series anymore due to some crappy relationship managing skills (never let a guy claim your books, you will lose them and be sad), but I’m looking forward to seeing what the supporting cast in this series is going to be like. Seriously, that was pretty much my favorite part of his last series, so we need to get some badass women in this title stat.

Blue Beetle: No offense to Tony Bedard, but Jaime’s second series is nowhere near as good as his first, so far. So far. I have hope, however, that the ‘defective evil alien device’ angle he’s going for plays out well. That being said, the art is nice, and this book immediately gets merits for seemingly keeping 90% of the original cast. Now if only we could somehow work in the ‘yes, he is actually a legacy character’ angle somewhere…

Superboy: Put the tomatoes away. I like this book for a lot of the reasons I see people hating on it; no, the main character isn’t Kon-El or Conner Kent. His name is Superboy. He hasn’t got another name yet. He hasn’t really got any memories yet. Unlike Kon, who was cloned to believe he was Superman and Conner, who was cloned to replace Superman, Superboy doesn’t really have any connection to Big Blue yet, other than bearing his DNA. Like it or not, this is a brand new character with an old name. He has a lot to live up to, let’s see if he can manage. Just, give the poor kid a chance first.

Supergirl: I’m conflicted. From the way the series is described in interviews, I feel like I should hate it. But then I read the first issue and, Kara is just a scared teenager on a strange world, trying to figure out what’s going on. Maybe my feelings will change as the issues go on, but for right now, I like this book.

The Bad: The books I will be reading in-store and verbally ripping apart for your pleasure.

Birds of Prey: I want to know why the guy exploded, that’s all.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: I just want to see how bad this gets, honestly.

Batgirl: Babsgirl gets one more shot to not suck, then she’s gone.

Hawk and Dove: I’m in it for the hilariously bad art and cliched soap opera substory okay.

Batman and Robin: If Bruce doesn’t get his shit together, I will just drop this title and be done with it.

Legion of Superheroes: Paul Levitz is basically just continuing from where he left off, here. Okay, whatever. Wasn’t too fond of the Legion book pre-reboot, either, so, I can roll with it.

Teen Titans: I’m sort of obligated to keep reading this because it’s a Teen Titans book. Who knows, it could get better.

Suicide Squad: I promised a friend of mine that I would read the first arc for him. I am sincerely regretting that promise.

The Ugly: Fuck you, you can’t have my time or my money.

Catwoman: Bad writing, bad art. Off my pull list, you.

Legion Lost: This was dreck. I literally can’t even. Paul Levitz should not we writing both Legion titles.

Justice League: Pretty art, terrible, terrible writing. The worst intro to the new 52 possible.

And well, that’s about all I have to say about that. I didn’t pick up any of the more anticipated titles, like Action Comics, Superman, Detective Comics, Batman, any other title exclusively starring Bruce Wayne, Batwing, Mister Terrific, or Firestorm. I’m not all that fond of the characters and, despite Firestorm being written by Gail Simone, I refuse to throw money at series’ starring characters I never really liked all that much. Or, as was the case with Batwing, I couldn’t get into the art. Despite what I may lead you to believe, I’m actually very visually distracted by art I don’t like. It’s the main reason I’ve never read Justice or, well, anything else drawn by Alex Ross.

Anyway, these are my opinions on things. Feel free to ignore the ones that you don’t agree with, or leave a comment about how I should so give Catwoman a second chance. Or, hey, recommend a book I didn’t look at! Let’s get some interaction going, ladies and gents. I’m Touch of Grey, and according to my Tumblr feed, I have fifteen new messages. Later days.

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Waiter! There’s a Marvel in my DC!

Nine books this week! To be honest, I’d assumed it was only eight, but that was because I’d only checked the DC website. However, I was thrown a happy curveball when I got to the comic shop and, lo and behold! Children’s Crusade! Now before I start anything else, let me just say that the books out this week have a 60% chance of making me rage. That’s a pretty high chance of rage, you guys. Let’s hope I do not need my red ring.

Wow. Birds of Prey was really, really…bad. The art was pretty, but just like with Justice League, pretty art doth not a good book make. The story is weak as well; Black Canary is wanted for murder, so she and her friend are putting together a team…for some reason. Seriously, what’s the motivation behind that? This is the worst start to a series, honestly.

Man, we go from worst to best in the blink of an eye! Nightwing was awesome. It doesn’t seem to tie into the new DCU, because it distinctly references Bruce Wayne’s death and Dick being Batman. Since leaving the mantle of the Bat behind, Dick has once again taken up his old Nightwing identity, and moved into his own apartment. I do hope that Tim and Damian guest star in future issues, just because they have such great chemistry as characters and brothers. But meanwhile, in this first issue…uh oh, I sense a time traveler plot. Nameless villain of the first arc says that Dick Grayson is a murderer, but that he isn’t aware of it. Yeah, that kinda screams time travel. Ah well, the rest of the issue was good.

And right back to rage. What the fuck was up with Catwoman? This book was utter shit! The art was next to terrible, the writing was, well, it was Judd Winick. That’s really all I need to say. In this book, Selina Kyle is portrayed as a nymphomanic with a severe clothes allergy. Who happens to steal things. No, I’m not joking. I can’t even talk about this series any more. It’s just…terrible.

I have mixed feelings regarding Red Hood and the Outlaws. On one hand, it’s the orgy book. Kori has slept with both Jason and Roy. It’s also funny, with the opening 8 pages making me laugh out loud several times in a row. The art is also gorgeous, so that’s a big positive factor for me. But on the other hand, Kori’s personality has done a complete 180, the latter half of the book where the plot comes in is totally confusing, and while it references that Jason used to work for Batman, it also hints that he had a whole other life with something called the ‘All Caste’. This is definitely a book I’m going to keep reading, if only because I want to know what the heck is going on.

I’m not sure how to feel about Legion of Superheroes. While Legion Lost has a definite DCnU feel to it, LoSH feels like business as usual. And business…isn’t all that great. I don’t know what it is about Paul Levitz’s Legion, but I just don’t like it all that much. I don’t have any complaints about this book, but I don’t really have anything to praise it for, either. It just exists.

You know what? I like Peter J. Tomasi. He writes a good space book. I’m happy to see him back on Green Lantern Corps, which looks like it’s going to be a Guy and John book now. This series is one that definitely doesn’t tie into the DCnU, as it references Hal not being a Green Lantern anymore, and I’m sort of glad about that. The first story arc seems to be a lot like business as usual; someone out there is killing Green Lanterns, Guy and John round up a posse to track down the killer, yatata yatata. Still, it has good character interaction, and the art is alright. This book gets a pass, and it’s definitely one of the ones I’m keeping.

Supergirl feels like it’s going to be one of those ‘fish out of water’ books. She’s just woken up on Earth, with no memory of Krypton’s final hours, and she’s going nuts with her new powers setting in. She even thinks to herself that what’s happening has to be a dream. It’s pretty obvious that this isn’t the Kara Zor-El that we know and love, but that’s okay. This is a time of rebirth and renewal and, just like with Superboy, I’m willing to give this a chance.

Children’s Crusade is one of those books that I’m willing to wait for, it’s that good. Last time, Wanda not only got her memory back, but her reality-altering powers. With them, she restored Rictor’s mutant abilities, and this issue, she’s offering to do so to anyone who wants them. Only one problem, though. Scott Summers is being an impossible douche. Seriously, Scott. When someone offers to just go with you, and that someone has reality-altering powers that could erase you from existence and only wants to use them for good before you lock her away, you let her do whatever the fuck she wants. Did Scott do this? Nope. Instead, he fired on Magneto, which caused all hell to break loose and a big fight scene to happen. Wanda, for her part, decides to gather up her kids and their friends, the only people not trying to get her to go anywhere, and take them to Latveria. And then exposition and flashbacks happen, revealing how Doom was the one to give Wanda the Life Force power which is the root of her reality-altering powers. But then this happens: When joining together in a magic triangle to give all the mutants back their powers, Wanda accidentally transfers the power of the Life Force to Doom, whose first use of it is…to make himself hot again. Way to really stretch the imagination there, Doom. I want to see how this turns out, so hopefully, the next issue isn’t more than two months away.

I was really, really worried about Blue Beetle. According to interviews, Jaime is going to have to hide his activities as the Blue Beetle from his family, while his openness with his friends and family was one of the things I loved about his old series. But…you know what? This first issue isn’t bad. It has Paco and Brenda being Paco and Brenda, Brenda’s aunt is still La Dama, and Jaime’s parents still seem to have the same personalities. On the not so great side, however, Jaime’s personality is a bit more angsty-teenagerish, the Scarab is immediately revealed to be alien technology, and then there’s the little fact that Dan Garrett and Ted Kord do not seem to exist. The Scarab is said to have passed through many hands, but so far, neither former Blue Beetle looks like he was on that particular list of names. I’m not going to panic yet though. With the ending of the first issue the way it was, who knows how the next is going to play out?

And on that disgustingly undecided note, I’m going to bid you all adieu. For you see, I also picked up my copy of New Teen Titans: Games this week, and I plan to rub it all over my body before I read. You know, get my scent on it so that it’s publisher won’t take it back. See you all next week.

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If this week got any bigger, I’d have to start cracking jokes

Is this a big week? Does the pope have a balcony? Fourteen books this time around, god help me. Well, let’s just jump right in.

The fail train rides again! Actually, and I’ll deny saying it later, this week wasn’t terrible. With the exception of the Firestorm pages, this issue combined the few things I like about Brightest Day. The J’onn story has been keeping me on the edge of my seat, and it really came to a head now that he’s confronted psycho Martian chick, D’kay D’razz. She’s the exact meaning of the term mindfuck and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but check out the issue yourself for the twist of all twists the last five pages. A brick was shat.

What is it about the Bat-women that rocks so hard? Of the Bruce Wayne: The Road Home one-shots that have come out so far, only Batgirl and Catwoman have been truly excellent. I’m not a Batfan, really I’m not, but something about the Dark Knight’s leading ladies always reels me in. You go, girls. You go.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the Commissioner Gordon one-shot. Jim has never been one of my favorite Bat-guys, but he’s pretty badass for a powerless man in his 50’s. Even though the issue was written by Adam ‘Sonuva’ Beechen, I dug it. Go ahead and check it out, if you’ve got the time to spare.

Legion of Superheroes is finally getting good for me. I think it was all the Green Lantern stuff and Earth Man-centric issues that were spoiling it for me. Legion has always been about having a large, rotating cast of characters, not fixating on just one or two. Anyway, rant over. I’m gonna call this issue “couples a-go-go”, because everyone is making out. Seriously, this issue was full of romance. Shady and Earth Man, Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl, Gim and Yera, Garth and Imra, Ayla and Salu…no, seriously. It was a cute nod to the Pre-Crisis Legion stories where they were lovers. Hopefully this is canon again, the Legion needs more lesbians.

I don’t normally pick up Superman/Batman. I mean, I get backissues from conventions and tent sales, and my boyfriend buys the trades, but I don’t follow it regularly. I may have to, though, if all the issues are as funny and interesting as #77 was. Any Supergirl/Robin teamup is worth picking up, but a Kara/Damian teamup? Oh, yes please. My only complaint is that he never once calls her fat. He calls her an alien constantly, though, in true Dami fashion. I love that kid.

Justice League is growing on me again. I haven’t read anything from the main JL series since Cry For Justice (BOOOOOOOO), but since starting last month, I’m cursing the fact that I can’t seem to put it down. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika is back, y’all! Also, Tangent Earth Green Lantern makes an appearance. I’m telling you, I’m getting some heavy JLA-esque vibes from this current arc. I hope I’m wrong, because that arc of the old JLA series sucked. This issue, while text-heavy like whoa, was actually pretty readable. Let’s hope this trend continues.

I haven’t followed Gen13 for two issues now…so what the hell happened?! Last time I checked in with them, the Gens were in, like, the frozen wastelands, and Roxy and Grunge were going into space. I’m totally confused. Ah, well. Next weekend is the tent sale at Tate’s, and backissues that aren’t under the tent are half off inside the store. I’ll go grab them if I can’t find them outside, and hopefully clear up my confusion.

Is it just me, or are the Teen Titans stories the only decent ones in the Holiday Specials that DC puts out? Unless you plan on spending $5 for one story, I suggest skipping it.

Reading a Grant Morrison book is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it could be the best thing you’ve ever read. On the other hand, it could be so completely nonsensical that your head does a 360-spin trying to keep up. I think the entire latest issue of Batman and Robin was just a lead up to the fact that Dr. Thomas Wayne is actually, wait for it, Dr. Tommy Elliot. Big shocker, right? Tommy is a notorious face-stealer, and they share the same name, so…ahem. Moving on,

Remember how I said that Bat-ladies could do no wrong? Well, I feel the opposite for Superman’s supporting female cast. Lana Lang is a lovestruck bimbo, Cat Grant is a self-possessed bitch, Supergirl is the new DCU emo kid, Power Girl is being written by Judd Winick (WINIIIIIIIIICK), Lois Lane spent 50 years trying to get Superman to marry her…I swear, the only decent female character that’s come out of the Supercast recently is Bizarrogirl. And maybe Mercy Graves, who was badass in the Infinity Inc series post-52. If there is one thing I can say about this issue of Supergirl, it’s that it was drawn incredible well. The page comparing Supergirl and Bizarrogirl was superb. And that last page, with Cat Grant? Mascara tracks have never looked so good.

Power Girl confuses me. It looks like Judd Winick (WINIIIIIIIIICK) has been taking banter cues from Keith Giffen, but aside from that…is Peeg hitting on her new info man Nicco? What’s with the lady-reveal on the last page? Seriously, who the hell is she. Looks kinda like a badly-drawn Atlee, except she’s supposed to be a Kryptonian. I’m gonna write this issue off as “Confusing as Hell” and call it a day, mmkay?

Is there anything better than seeing someone slug Sinestro? In a Green Lantern series, no. In Green Lantern Corps, maybe. In a final page splash shot? You bet your ass there isn’t. I love Green Lantern Corps. Tony Bedard is honestly one of the coolest comic writers I’ve ever met, if not one of the best comic writers DC employs (sorry, Gail). His natural element seems to be space, because he was obviously born there. Don’t believe me? No one but a star-traveller could write space stories this well, I’m convinced. This new arc is going to be focused around Soranik and Kyle (didn’t I predict that?), and the weaponers of Qward. Looks promising, I can dig it.

Okay, so, lemme get this straight. The Steve Rogers that invited Deadpool to be part of his team last issue was an imperfect clone built by a man named Doctor Bong?! Seriously?! Deadpool, you have a terrible taste in friends. Next issue.

Hey, some of you may have heard of this comic-turned-movie from a couple years ago? About a kid that made himself into a superhero in a setting like the world we live in? I think it was called Kick-Ass? I have the first issue of the second series in my hands. Care to come along for the ride? Two words for you: Justice Forever. What is it, you ask? A TV show? A comic series? No, my friends. It’s the main plot of the new Kick-Ass series, the superteam he joins. Yes, an honest to god superteam. I’m going to stand up in a minute, and I won’t be surprised at all if I find a brick on my chair.

Well, that’s this week in comics, ladies and gents. I myself have a date with Gaia Online’s Exchange forum. Hope to see you all back here next week, same time, same place. Peace.

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