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It’s a Damian Wayne sort of day, I think

Eight books this week, and very few distractions. Am I happy? Hell yes, I am! Shall we begin?

So, Deadpool. What can I say about this guy, and this title, that hasn’t been said a million times? Very little, aside from the fact that this particular issue has Steve Rogers sitting in his lap. That…was pretty boss. I like this title. I like it a lot. Because god damn, it’s Deadpool, and he’s kind of impossible to hate.

So, who hates cliffhangers? Oh, Gotham City Sirens. You tease me with wonderful, wonderful teamups and then you make me cry. I think that this is officially an abusive relationship. But ooh, it hurts so good.

More Deadpool? Man, you’d think I liked the guy or something. But yes, Deadpool Team-Up is a delightful romp into the realm of the absurd, as is basically every Deadpool title ever…but this one has guest stars! Thor and Deadpool band together to fight a naked nerd whose body is being inhabited by a hot demon. Wade admits his attraction to Thor many times. Hilarity ensues. I’m not a huge fan of Thor, no, really this time, but this wasn’t a terrible issue. In fact, it made me laugh a few times.

Oh man, I love Action Comics. Seriously, Lex Luthor is just fun to read about. And then there’s the lead in to the Secret Six crossover that’s coming next issue, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am about that. But I think the real winner of this awesome issue would have to be Jimmy Olsen. Sure, he’s kinda drawn like shit, but hey, he pulled a Power Girl! No, he didn’t suddenly aquire huge…tracts of land. He saved the planet! Yaay! And…Chloe doesn’t give a damn. Y’know, there is no pleasing this girl. Oh, hi badly-drawn Lois Lane! How’re you doing? Find Jimmy a new girlfriend? I smell shenanigans!

Batwoman is an interesting character. No, seriously. I liked her back in 52, but after reading Batwoman: Elegy, I was hooked. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a spunky redhead, and that I can be very biased when it comes to them. Let me summarize this issue in three words: Yay, stalker Bruce! Seriously, this man is more paranoid than the Question on crack. Goes around just following Kate instead of doing his Bat-job. One thing I wasn’t pleased about was the amount of oh hey she’s a lesbian you guys! that showed up in this issue. Seriously, noting that she was released from West Point because she came out, the story of which was shown in Batwoman: Elegy, showing him going undercover in a gay club to watch her hit on girls…we get it, J.H. Williams. Kate Kane likes vagina. Let’s not make a Midnighter out of this. For people unfamiliar with the name and term, here, lemme tell you. The Wildstorm character, Midnighter, is gay. He’s married to a man, they adopted a little girl together. For awhile, Midnighter had his own series, and the writers could not for the life of them go an issue without drawing attention to the fact that he was gay. It got to be sort of a running joke within the fandom, and good lord, did it get old fast. So please, writer or writers of Batwoman. Don’t pull a Midnighter.

Batman and Robin was downright weird this month. Then again, when your villain is revealed to be a woman with a hole through her head, well, weird doesn’t really begin to cover it. Certain observations were made by Damian that I agree with. Now that the mantle of Batman has become sort of like a franchise, every player involved can become their own type of Batman. Dick is the resident HappyBats, and that’s just swell. It makes me wonder, though. How much longer before Bruce takes on a Robin of his own? And will that Robin be Tim? Or Damian?

Speaking of Damian, I’m getting a really familiar vibe off of Teen Titans this month. Back in 03, Kory was all up in a snit because the Robin on her team wasn’t Dick. Now, the current roster is up in arms because the Robin they’re working with isn’t Tim. Team, don’t be afraid to try new things! I’m sure Damian will work out fine, once he’s done being a screw-up. Speaking of unresolved sexual tension, if Damian is still on the team once he hits puberty, he’s going to get such a gigantic crush on Rose. They’re too alike for him not to.

I don’t know how I feel about the Captain Atom issues. He’s never been a character I liked, or could even partially relate to, because of the military thing, but at the same time, he’s probably an essential part of the JLI somehow. Well, he’s strong, at least. Man, Damian has been cropping up everywhere today, huh? In this issue of Generation Lost, he’s 131. Hmm, 131 years old minus the 112 years Nate was in the time stream means that the current Damian is…19?! Well, that isn’t right at all. Someone didn’t do their math right, and I am not pleased.

Well, that was this week in comics. Have a happy Thanksgiving, for those in America, and remember, next week new comics come out on Thursday. I’ll think up something neat to post on Wednesday to make up for it, though. Peace out!


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I just think of a few of my favorite things…

Compared to the last couple of weeks, this nine-book review is going to seem tiny. Well, all I have to say is, tough tomatoes, I refuse to pick up more Marvel than I have to.

For some reason, Time Masters made no impression on me other than, “Boy, Hal Jordan is a prize douchebagel.”. Anyone else see that? I mean, there he and Booster are, stuck in a cell made of nothing before it turns into a crushing cage, and all Hal does is bitch about how Booster is a famewhore. Yes, Harold “Highball Hal” Jordan calling someone else a thrillseeking famewhore. The irony just rolls off the page in freaking waves. Oh well, only two more issues to go of this…this. I can’t even think of a word to describe it, and fail train is already taken. Moving on.

What was it I was saying about the lovely ladies of the Dark Knight last week? Something about how they’re awesome? After reading this week’s issue of Zatanna, I stand behind that statement even more. I mean, the girl managed to wriggle out of a deal with Mammon, the demon god of wealth and greed, by the skin of her teeth, that’s something to respect. Not to mention how she handles Zach when he goes all teenager-y on her. Yeah, Miss Zatara has worked long and hard to be the best the magical world has to offer, and I think she deserves to be there.

Okay, so the last two The Road Home one-shots are this week. My general opinion? Ehhh. I mean, the Oracle one-shot wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t something I’m planning on buying. It was nice to see Hawk and Dove in something other that Brightest Day, though. The final issue in the set, the Ra’s al Ghul one-shot, wasn’t great. It was interesting, don’t get me wrong, and Vicki Vale is officially in on the secret, part of the Batclan, but but just didn’t pull me in like some of the others did.

God damn it, Judd. Do you just hate Tora, is that it? You break up her and Guy, make her a whiny emo bitch, have her get so riled up that she goes completely beserk and turns into a killer icicle, and now you change her backstory completely. Seriously, patricide? Was that really necessary? You know what? Screw you. I’m not letting this into my canon. Tora is awesome, she’s not a killer.

What do you get when you cross Deadpool, the Thing, and professional wrestling? About 30 pages of references I don’t get that make me laugh anyway.

Before I review the Supergirl Annual, I want to tell y’all a little story. Back at the Tate’s tent sale in 07, I found an issue of Legion of Superheroes from the same week that Supergirl died in Crisis on Infinite Earths. In it, Brainy was mourning Kara’s death, and watching clips of her from a thousand years hence. It was that issue that really made me get it. Kara and Brainy were one of those couples that was destined to never end up together, no matter how hard they tried to. A thousand years is a pretty big age gap. And while in my personal canon, Brainy always ends up with Lyle (I grew up reading Reboot, bite me), the tragic love story that is Supergirl and Brainiac 5 will always be one of my favorites. Now, onto the issue. It was pretty good, touching on how Kara had gone to the future once before when she accidentally hopped dimensions as well as timestreams. And then it brought to mind this one little question; how is Kara going to die this time? Her last death wasn’t even a death, it was an erasing. She was one of the big sacrifices made in Crisis on Infinite Earths, though the Supergirl character itself was reborn a few years later. But if this death is recorded within the halls of time, obviously she wasn’t erased again, just killed. So what’s going to happen? How many more years of Supergirl do we have to look forward to? Your guess is as good as mine, Superfans.

So for weeks I’ve been hearing about how this new issue of Teen Titans is gonna rule. New creative team, new team within the book, Bart and Kon are back, Rose is gonna be bringin’ the sexual tension…it was supposed to be awesome. Well, I’ve read the issue.
Damnit, they got me again! I’m not gonna say that that was the best Teen Titans team I’ve ever read (sorry, nothing beats the New Teen Titans lineup by Marv and George for me), but this was definitely the best the Teen Titans have been since 03. Nothing against the 03 lineup, but with Tim, Starfire, and Cyborg out of the way, there’s more of a chance of seeing a Bart storyline, or something focused on Rose, like the Dark Side Club arc was. Here’s hoping that this series doesn’t become something of “The Kon and Cassie show featuring the Teen Titans”, because that would suck. The ending really makes me look forward to the next issue because frankly, Damian just makes everything better.

Oh man oh man oh man. I’m trying not to add emoticons here. I swear to aiesha, I just joygasmed. He wasn’t dead! He was just…having a hallucination of Death as we know her, and arguing his head off! Oh, Lex. I do so love you. The Jimmy Olsen second feature has, wait for it, drunk aliens! No, Supes didn’t go on a bender, the Dalwythians are in town. Who are these strange creatures? Well, they’re partiers from another planet (didn’t Power Girl do that in her second arc?), and they can get drunk on oxygen. Unfortunately, the planets they party on don’t always survive the experience, so in order to save the world, Jimmy has to make Metropolis the most boring place on Earth! Well, Lex isn’t there so for me, check.

That was this week in comics, lords and ladies. I think I’m gonna hurl a little, so, I’m gonna go lie down.

If you’re in Broward (or Dade or West Palm or South Florida in general), take the time this weekend to stop on by Tate’s Comics’ annual Halloween tent sale! Fill up a longbox for $35, and all back issues inside are 50% off! There’s more info on their website, , or on their Facebook page. Speaking of Facebook, if you haven’t yet, add Touchof Grey to your friends list, because that’s me! Well, actually, it’s The ToG Blog, but still.

But wait, there’s more! Finished with the Tate’s sale? Still have money jingling around in your wallet? Stop by the grand opening of Florida Super Comics in Davie! Yes, Florida Supercon has a store now, holy crap! For a limited time only, subscribers with FSC save 40% on their comics! Look for me at both sales, dressed as the Flash! This is ToG, reminding you to spay and neuter your children. Peace!

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If this week got any bigger, I’d have to start cracking jokes

Is this a big week? Does the pope have a balcony? Fourteen books this time around, god help me. Well, let’s just jump right in.

The fail train rides again! Actually, and I’ll deny saying it later, this week wasn’t terrible. With the exception of the Firestorm pages, this issue combined the few things I like about Brightest Day. The J’onn story has been keeping me on the edge of my seat, and it really came to a head now that he’s confronted psycho Martian chick, D’kay D’razz. She’s the exact meaning of the term mindfuck and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but check out the issue yourself for the twist of all twists the last five pages. A brick was shat.

What is it about the Bat-women that rocks so hard? Of the Bruce Wayne: The Road Home one-shots that have come out so far, only Batgirl and Catwoman have been truly excellent. I’m not a Batfan, really I’m not, but something about the Dark Knight’s leading ladies always reels me in. You go, girls. You go.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the Commissioner Gordon one-shot. Jim has never been one of my favorite Bat-guys, but he’s pretty badass for a powerless man in his 50’s. Even though the issue was written by Adam ‘Sonuva’ Beechen, I dug it. Go ahead and check it out, if you’ve got the time to spare.

Legion of Superheroes is finally getting good for me. I think it was all the Green Lantern stuff and Earth Man-centric issues that were spoiling it for me. Legion has always been about having a large, rotating cast of characters, not fixating on just one or two. Anyway, rant over. I’m gonna call this issue “couples a-go-go”, because everyone is making out. Seriously, this issue was full of romance. Shady and Earth Man, Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl, Gim and Yera, Garth and Imra, Ayla and Salu…no, seriously. It was a cute nod to the Pre-Crisis Legion stories where they were lovers. Hopefully this is canon again, the Legion needs more lesbians.

I don’t normally pick up Superman/Batman. I mean, I get backissues from conventions and tent sales, and my boyfriend buys the trades, but I don’t follow it regularly. I may have to, though, if all the issues are as funny and interesting as #77 was. Any Supergirl/Robin teamup is worth picking up, but a Kara/Damian teamup? Oh, yes please. My only complaint is that he never once calls her fat. He calls her an alien constantly, though, in true Dami fashion. I love that kid.

Justice League is growing on me again. I haven’t read anything from the main JL series since Cry For Justice (BOOOOOOOO), but since starting last month, I’m cursing the fact that I can’t seem to put it down. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika is back, y’all! Also, Tangent Earth Green Lantern makes an appearance. I’m telling you, I’m getting some heavy JLA-esque vibes from this current arc. I hope I’m wrong, because that arc of the old JLA series sucked. This issue, while text-heavy like whoa, was actually pretty readable. Let’s hope this trend continues.

I haven’t followed Gen13 for two issues now…so what the hell happened?! Last time I checked in with them, the Gens were in, like, the frozen wastelands, and Roxy and Grunge were going into space. I’m totally confused. Ah, well. Next weekend is the tent sale at Tate’s, and backissues that aren’t under the tent are half off inside the store. I’ll go grab them if I can’t find them outside, and hopefully clear up my confusion.

Is it just me, or are the Teen Titans stories the only decent ones in the Holiday Specials that DC puts out? Unless you plan on spending $5 for one story, I suggest skipping it.

Reading a Grant Morrison book is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it could be the best thing you’ve ever read. On the other hand, it could be so completely nonsensical that your head does a 360-spin trying to keep up. I think the entire latest issue of Batman and Robin was just a lead up to the fact that Dr. Thomas Wayne is actually, wait for it, Dr. Tommy Elliot. Big shocker, right? Tommy is a notorious face-stealer, and they share the same name, so…ahem. Moving on,

Remember how I said that Bat-ladies could do no wrong? Well, I feel the opposite for Superman’s supporting female cast. Lana Lang is a lovestruck bimbo, Cat Grant is a self-possessed bitch, Supergirl is the new DCU emo kid, Power Girl is being written by Judd Winick (WINIIIIIIIIICK), Lois Lane spent 50 years trying to get Superman to marry her…I swear, the only decent female character that’s come out of the Supercast recently is Bizarrogirl. And maybe Mercy Graves, who was badass in the Infinity Inc series post-52. If there is one thing I can say about this issue of Supergirl, it’s that it was drawn incredible well. The page comparing Supergirl and Bizarrogirl was superb. And that last page, with Cat Grant? Mascara tracks have never looked so good.

Power Girl confuses me. It looks like Judd Winick (WINIIIIIIIIICK) has been taking banter cues from Keith Giffen, but aside from that…is Peeg hitting on her new info man Nicco? What’s with the lady-reveal on the last page? Seriously, who the hell is she. Looks kinda like a badly-drawn Atlee, except she’s supposed to be a Kryptonian. I’m gonna write this issue off as “Confusing as Hell” and call it a day, mmkay?

Is there anything better than seeing someone slug Sinestro? In a Green Lantern series, no. In Green Lantern Corps, maybe. In a final page splash shot? You bet your ass there isn’t. I love Green Lantern Corps. Tony Bedard is honestly one of the coolest comic writers I’ve ever met, if not one of the best comic writers DC employs (sorry, Gail). His natural element seems to be space, because he was obviously born there. Don’t believe me? No one but a star-traveller could write space stories this well, I’m convinced. This new arc is going to be focused around Soranik and Kyle (didn’t I predict that?), and the weaponers of Qward. Looks promising, I can dig it.

Okay, so, lemme get this straight. The Steve Rogers that invited Deadpool to be part of his team last issue was an imperfect clone built by a man named Doctor Bong?! Seriously?! Deadpool, you have a terrible taste in friends. Next issue.

Hey, some of you may have heard of this comic-turned-movie from a couple years ago? About a kid that made himself into a superhero in a setting like the world we live in? I think it was called Kick-Ass? I have the first issue of the second series in my hands. Care to come along for the ride? Two words for you: Justice Forever. What is it, you ask? A TV show? A comic series? No, my friends. It’s the main plot of the new Kick-Ass series, the superteam he joins. Yes, an honest to god superteam. I’m going to stand up in a minute, and I won’t be surprised at all if I find a brick on my chair.

Well, that’s this week in comics, ladies and gents. I myself have a date with Gaia Online’s Exchange forum. Hope to see you all back here next week, same time, same place. Peace.

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It’s that time again, kiddies!

Epic week, you guys! And not all DC, either. Mostly DC, but not all, so that’s a nice changeup. Ready? Let’s go!

James Robinson, you magnificent bastard. Back in my youth, you were one of my idols. Starman was one of those books that I could show to my mom and go, “Look! It’s not all just beat-’em-up flashy spandex stuff!” You had style and substance. Then, in an act of the ultimate betrayal, you wrote a little series called Cry for Justice. Good lord, did that suck donkey balls. I had to read my Starman books twice to get the taste of that stinker out of my mouth. I swore I’d never read anything of yours again. And now, you’re writing Justice League. With Mikaal Tomas and Jesse Quick.

Well played, Robinson. Well played.

Wow. Really? Really, Legion? Okay, long story short, the basic theme of Legion of Superheroes for the past couple of months is this: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Green Lantern Corps, we don’t want any. Earth-Man has made a surprising heel-face-turn, and is apparently banging Tasmia. And Brainy continues to be adorkable, not to mention incredibly well drawn. You go, B5.

So, remember last week when I cursed Deadpool for being so amusing? I’m back on that vein of thinking. Deadpool Team-Up is one of those books, akin to Brave and the Bold on crack, that just amuses the crap out of me whenever I pick it up. It’s a done-in-one book, so I don’t have to follow it regularly, but it’s Deadpool. Why wouldn’t I want to pick it up regularly? Anyway, this issue features many jokes, fancy rope tricks, and two heads in a jar. Enjoy.

Winick, Winick, Winick. I swear to god, man. You’ve decimated one of the only little things I take pleasure in. I love reading about Power Girl. I love her to death. She’s a woman that plays hardball like the men, and gets a whole lot of shit for doing it. She’s one of my heroes, if only because she’s bold enough to wear a leotard with a giant hole in the front and got along really well with Ted Kord. This wasn’t a good issue. Secret identities are compromised, a loose end is taken care of…this all smells like evil!Max to me. But I guess I’ll find that out later.

Oh man, I do love Supergirl this month. I know I’ve made my opinion of Bizarro pretty clear, but this arc may just be turning my hate for him and his awful way of speaking around. Mainly because Bizarrogirl is just so…she’s adorable! She’s like all the good things in Silver Age Supergirl turned into a Bizarro! I can’t help but love her, you guys. And guess what? The next issue is going to feature the Man of Steel himself! Wowzers!

And just when I thought Green Lantern Corps couldn’t get any better! See, I have this theory about Tony Bedard. I think he was born on another planet, and that’s why he’s so awesome at writing space comics. Anyway, the Alpha Lantern arc has finally concluded and holy crap, did I not see that ending coming. Pick up the book. This is no longer a request. Even if you absolutely loathe everything about the Green Lantern franchise, pick up this book. You won’t regret it.

In Generation Lost this time around, we get to see exactly how far Max’s mind-whammy extends itself. You can’t see him. You can’t think about him. You can’t form a plan of attack to stop him. Your mind just won’t let you. And that line of thinking right there? I just got the most wicked case of goosebumps. How do you fight something you can’t even imagine? Brr. Next book, please!

How many months has it been between the first issue of Velocity and the second? Three? Four? No matter, the second issue is here now, and good god. The writing is superb and that art…I want Kenneth Rocafort drawing speed lines and small action panels for the rest of his life. Ever wonder what happens when you plug a genius’ brain into a speedster’s body? I think they explored that in an episode of JLU, but Interface and Velocity make it work just as well. Great issue, I’m giving it a 4 of 5, with a point taken off for being so damned late.

Speaking of late books and speedsters, new Flash issue! Can someone please tell me how a series about the fastest man alive is so damned so to come out? Ahh, it’s worth it, though. The art is fantastic, as always, and the dialogue is only corny on occasion. And we get to see Digger’s White Lantern vision, which is pretty awesome. An overall nice issue.

Well, that’s all for this week. But before I go, funny story. I think the universe is trying to tell me something about Namor. Yesterday, I found the Namor action figure I thought I’d lost in a box I was planning on just tossing out. Today, I saw several different posters with Namor on them. The universe wants me to keep an eye out for Marvel books with Namor in them, you guys, and I think I’m gonna listen. Peace out!

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I rode 20 miles in the blazing sun with a heavy backpack to bring this post to you all

Only four books this week, guys. Man, I feel down. This may just be the shortest review I’ve ever done.

We’re gonna start this post off by checking in on the journey of the fail train. That’s right, folks! It’s another issue of Brightest Day, the book that changes everything as we know it, one week at a time. This week? The Firestorm matrix is the big bang.

Goodnight, everybody! See you next week! I’m done.

Sorry, I had to clear my head. I had a moment. Anyway, this week we’re focusing on the new Aqualad who is, as everyone has guessed and it was explicitly said, Black Manta’s son. The cover is an epic misdirection on DC’s part, as Deadman wasn’t even in this issue. It’s about as misleading as, oh I don’t know, putting Hal Jordan and Barry Allen on the cover of a comic about Wally West and Kyle Rayner.

Yeah, I’m still bitter about that. Moving on. See you in two weeks, fail train.

The last-page reveal of the big bad of Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors finally has a name! Zardor of Kralok. Practically oozes evil and malice, doesn’t it? Man, I’m so looking forward to this series in a way that I haven’t looked forward to a series in quite awhile. Here’s to hoping we finally get some more info on Bleez, bone-winged ragehead of the Red Lantern Corps. Also, and maybe I’m just riding the stupidmobile, but since when did Arisa have a thing for Sodam Yat? I’m looking through backissues and they just seemed like friends. But now it’s like she’s crushing on him? What? Okay, DC, if you say so…

Oh, what’s this? A Marvel title? Looks like I lied, folks! Five books this week, with the addition of a Deadpool book. Augh, damn you, Deadpool. I try to get out, you just suck me right back in with your Deadpooly goodness. And look, he’s got Steve Rogers with him in this issue! Damn you, Marvel! Playing on my love of men in spandex like that! It was an overall good issue. Good art, good little storyline; Deadpool wants to buy a burrito, ends up fighting a terrorist and a bunch of government operatives, also Steve Rogers. See, this is what I mean. This is a good premise, and your average Deadpool comic ends up looking like a Simpsons episode with exploding heads and dismemberment. I like this very much, and not just because, well, it’s Deadpool. The Merc with the Mouth. Bringer of the awesome. I think that if I keep along these lines, someone out there is going to end up figuring out that I don’t hate Marvel as much as I pretend to. Because, and may I someday be forgiven by the lords of the internet, I just can’t hate Deadpool.

Hi, Gail? Yeah, it’s me again, ToG. Um, no, this isn’t about Secret Six, this is about the latest issue of Birds of Prey. I just read it and, well…are Savant and Creote ‘together’ now? Because that very, very long hug in the rain made my heart wibble a bit. Oh, and I saw the not-so-subtle nod to Ted Kord, very nice. The creepy obsession Penguin has for Dove is a nice touch, too. But about that main question, about Savant and Creote..? Should I start assembling a taskforce of slashfic writers now or in a few weeks? Hope you can get back to me soon.

I hope Paul Dini stays on the Zatanna book forever. I mean it. I hope the book runs for the rest of his lifetime, and that he’s the permanent writer. Because I don’t think I could ever get tired of these storylines. Casino owner who sold his soul to the devil, Zee and Zach being all cousinly, terrible nicknames…I love this series. Five issues in, and I already know how much I love this series. Bless you, Paul Dini.

Well, that was this week in comics for me. I’ve got some room redecoration to get to now, see you next week? Wonderful. This is ToG saying, peace out groovebots!

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