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Better late than not at all!

My comic shop was shorted all the issues of Gotham City Sirens, thank you, Diamond, so this week is going to be tiny. Oh, wait. What’s that, Marvel? You say you started a new Namor series last month, and the second issue is out today? Well, I guess that settles it. Instead of one serving of GCS, y’all are getting a double scoop of Namor-y goodness!

Let’s get things rolling with the third, sigh, scintilating issue of Time Masters: Vanishing Point. Time Masters, why do I still read you? You’re not entertaining, you don’t tie into The Return of Bruce Wayne in any way except to mention that he’s in the past, and Booster doesn’t have any really good lines. In fact, the only decent parts of you involve tiny!Rip and Poppa Booster. Still, three down, three to go. Let’s just keep chugging along.

Action Comics is really good lately, for some reason. I mean, we’ve gotten to see sexy!Lex, smart!Lex, twisted!Lex, dead!Lex…wait, what was that last one? And who’s that girl? Can it be? Is it she? Unholy crapballs, it’s Death! I know it’s terrible to say that I love death but…I love Death. She’s cute, she’s smart, she’s quirky…and she’s Death. A timeless Gaiman character, soon to be hitting the big screen. Action Comics, I am not disappoint. So, does that mean Lex is dead? Or is he going to pull a Hob Gadling-esque deal with Death? Is he gonna hit on Death? Outsmart her? Oh, I’m a-tingle with the possibilities. And the second-feature is actually interesting! Mainly because it features Jimmy Olsen, who is so uncool, he’s awesome, and a badly-drawn version of Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan. The second-feature storyline is going to be about an exciting week in Jimmy’s life. Hmmmm, I think I can hop aboard this story and ride it home.

Teen Titans is famous for their death-as-a-plot-device issues, and it makes me happy to see that they’ve deviated from that path. Kinda. With the end of the ‘Eclipsed’ storyline, we’re down four Titans: Miss Martian is in a coma, Static is depowered, and Bombshell and Aquagirl are lost at sea. Yeah, Aquagirl is lost at sea. Plot device? Maybe. Oh, and we get to see Cassie and Kon post-coitus. Eeew. Uh, no offense. The second feature was basically like watching a teen drama with magic and demons: betrayal, secrets, and the Big Bad is never really down for the count.

What two things would you never expect to see together? Ice cream and soy sauce? Maybe. A straight guy at a Twilight movie of his own free will? Yeah, that’s pretty unlikely. Namor and vampires?

Did I read that right? Namor? Pointy-eared, pale-skinned, speedo-wearing king of the seas and…those fangy bitey folks? Apparently, this new series spins directly out of a pre-existing Xmen plot (Namor’s on the Xmen, now? I thought he liked to stick close to the Fantastic Four?), and Namor’s mission is to find the severed head of Count Dracula which was thrown into the ocean by the, dear lord, sea vampires…who have a vampire squid. No, I’m not making this shit up. Anyway, the first two issues seem pretty sound. We get to see Namor being all kingly, which is nice, and the art is just amazing. I can give this thing another look or two, see how it turns out.

That’ll be all for this week. Sorry that it’s technically going up on Thursday, I had a few personal problems that I had to sort through. See you here next week?

Oh, and a just a reminder to the citizens of Broward County: West Regional Library is having its Manga and Comic Convention on October 9th from one to four, and The ToG Blog has a table! Well, I have a vendor table…but yay, free advertising! Don’t miss it!


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