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Jennie Breeden got engaged during the kilt blowing at Dragon*Con.

I’ve been reading her webcomic,, since I was in high school. 2006 or 2007, if you want an exact year. I hope she and Obby have a joyful life. I know I’ll certainly enjoy reading about it.


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Webcomic Spotlight on: Anders Loves Maria!

Anders loves Maria is a comic about Anders von Silfersked, his knocked-up girlfriend Maria Holm, her overprotective brother Johan, and her childhood “friendemy” Tina Törnros.

A short summary:

Anders loves Maria. Anders wants to have a baby with Maria. Maria goes drinking with her friends, and finds out she’s pregnant the next day. His mother is a lesbian. Her parents are alcoholics. Anders beats up a guy that hit Maria. Accidentally flashes his wang at the press while in the hospital. The two go to stay with Maria’s family. Anders meets Tina. Tina loves Anders. Anders cheats on Maria. Maria finds out. They break up. Anders sleeps with Tina some more. Tina gets preganant. Rinse and repeat.

Anders loves Maria is one of the honestly good soap opera-esque webcomics out there, and I highly suggest it be read by readers 16 and up.

Anders loves Maria is drawn by Rene Engström, updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and can be found at

Have a good read!

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Webcomic Spotlight on: Sinfest!

Sinfest is best described as Eastern art with Western writing. And I’m quoting Wikipedia on that one. Sinfest revolves around the lives of Slick, a self-proclaimed “pimp” and wannabe poet, the love of his life (that he just can’t hook up with) Monique, a glam girl that all the boys love, and God.

You heard me right, God.

Sinfest is a webcomic full of religious and political satire (ie: Seymour and Lil’ Evil, God and the Devil’s respective fanboys; Sarah Piglin, etc), and it’s entertaining to the point of insult, but never really crosses that line. Recently, the strip has begun featuring Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty in a saga about the decline of living in the United States. One of the good things about Sinfest: you don’t have to have read every strip from the beginning of the series for the current ones to be funny.

Sinfest is drawn by Tatsuya Ishida and can be found at

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