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Artist Spotlight on: Goldphishcrackers!


Welcome to the ToG Blog’s weekly Artist Spotlight! With me today is the goddess of Pipester fans, Goldphishcrackers! To start this thing off, how about you tell the folks at home who you are and where you’re located!


Not much to say! I’m the Phish, born and raised in Central Florida, raised by Trekkies and Rednecks. Quite the combination, eh? 



What would you say first inspired you to start drawing?


I haven’t the slightest idea. I’ve been drawing and doodling for as long as I can remember. Mom and dad always had to make sure I had something in the car to draw with when we went on trips, or I’d go crazy. And while I was always scribbling -something-, my inspiration wasn’t always brimming over. I’d ask my dad a lot, “Dad, what should I draw?”, and he’d tell me something weird like “a jar of mustard, with an eyeball next to it with a fork sticking out of it”.


I swear, I got my sense of humor from him. …and I really ought to take him up on that suggestion again. Like now.


–but I only really got out of the age of scribbles and into actual -effort- in….around fifth or sixth grade, when I discovered people better than me at it. The ego couldn’t sit still, so I tried harder. Then there was the anime in middle school.


I’m looking at -you- Gundam Wing.


The rest is history. 



Do you go to art school? Or is drawing just a part-time thing for you?


Amusingly enough, the school system refused to land me any art classes until senior year of high school. The scheduling just blew at my high school, so you just had to bend over and take it most of the time. Regardless, out of the four skill levels worth of classes, I was put in the second level.


On the first day, the teacher demanded to know why I wasn’t in the fourth. Later that day, I dropped a class and took it online instead, to make room for the fourth level one.


Since then there’s been some basic painting/drawing courses in college (where I drew in painting and painted in drawing, go figure), and I’m still waiting for more. I’m an art major now, but for traditional/studio art, rather than digital. Can’t wait to get my hands back into the charcoal and acrylic. For the time being, I’m swimming in anything-but-hands-on-art right now, so it’s just a hobby..


A twisted, obsessive, canon-killing, crack-filled hobby. I’m not complaining. ❤



What is your favorite thing to draw?


PEOPLE. Hands down. Cars and buildings are completely beyond me, and animals are a tricky tricky pain. But people–I love the expressions and interactions like nothing else.


Though, oddly enough, the smaller I work (pencil and paper), I tend to play favoritism in drawing men. But when I work larger (canvas, newsprint, charcoal, paint, etc), I tend to draw a whole lot of nude women. I’m not sure what my last instructor thought of me and my “NEEDS MORE GIRLS. WHERE’S THE RENOIR BOOK?”

And your least favorite thing?


Technical stuff. Point-on straight lines make me sad. 



Obviously, you read comics, as much of your art is DC-inspired. What’s your favorite title? 


 …h-hard questions! D: I emote in your general direction!


But seriously, I’m really big into Green Arrow, GA/BA, and Robin(Tiimmmm), but right now….the Flash has got the biggest place in my heart. Wally and Bart and the Rogues make my happy in my happy places. Where ever those are.

Crack couple time! Name the crackiest couple you’ve ever drawn, or would draw if you didn’t fear for your sanity.


My favorite non-traditional pairing is hands down Arsenal/Piper. Their woobie is amazing. Close second is Superboy/Inertia. They’ll live on forever in fandom, so I’ll slash ’em all I want ❤ Plus, you know Thad’s a wonderful pushy little bottom.



If I begged you really, really hard (complete with puppy eyes and promises of ficcage), would you draw me a picture of the best speedster of all time? …not Bart. Close, though! Inertia! To, ah, make the sting of Rogue’s Revenge less hurtful for everyone. Please? If you have the time, that is.                                      


I love the little guy. No prob. ❤



Quick, what music are you listening to?


Aaahhh! You ask this right after I close iTunes and the sweet dance music stationnnn! L-Lemme pop something on so I don’t look completely unprepa


Macho Man – Village People.


You’ll have to excuse me now. I’ve got to take a dance break. Seriously.



Okay, that’s all I’m going to force you to answer! Check down at the bottom of the page for links to Golphishcrackers’ Deviantart and Y!Gallery(with your permission, of course)! Say goodnight, Goldie!


I-It’s -Phish-! The gold is a title! A descriptor, even! And yes–send them unto the y!gallery! –providing their legality of course. *laughs* But goodnight everybody! Or goodmorning if you’re on the opposite side of the world from the sun-up!


The Devart of the Phish:

The Y!Gallery of the Phish (adults only, please!):


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Webcomic Spotlight on: Anders Loves Maria!

Anders loves Maria is a comic about Anders von Silfersked, his knocked-up girlfriend Maria Holm, her overprotective brother Johan, and her childhood “friendemy” Tina Törnros.

A short summary:

Anders loves Maria. Anders wants to have a baby with Maria. Maria goes drinking with her friends, and finds out she’s pregnant the next day. His mother is a lesbian. Her parents are alcoholics. Anders beats up a guy that hit Maria. Accidentally flashes his wang at the press while in the hospital. The two go to stay with Maria’s family. Anders meets Tina. Tina loves Anders. Anders cheats on Maria. Maria finds out. They break up. Anders sleeps with Tina some more. Tina gets preganant. Rinse and repeat.

Anders loves Maria is one of the honestly good soap opera-esque webcomics out there, and I highly suggest it be read by readers 16 and up.

Anders loves Maria is drawn by Rene Engström, updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and can be found at

Have a good read!

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In Memorium

Today, we gather to remember a fallen villain.

Thaddeus Thawne, aka Inertia, was killed today by the Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery in an act of merciless revenge for, in Captain Cold’s own words, a !@#%@#- up year. For those of you unfamiliar with Inerita’s history, he is the “evil” clone of Bart Allen, the fourth Flash whom the Rogues murdered last year. Inertia was created to be Bart’s better half, to be a better hero than Bart by killing and becoming Bart.
…okay, yeah, that’s kinda messed up, but still.
The irony in Thad’s death was that he was killed in the exact same way his “brother” was;  by the so-called band of incompetents, the Rogues.
He will be missed.
By me.
And possibly Ronkerkaplexus.

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Artist Spotlight On: Ramalama!

Welcome to the ToG Blogʼs very first Artist Spotlight! With me today is the utterly amazing Ramalama! If you donʼt mind me asking, Rama, what does your screen name mean? Is it like, Rama lama ding dong, or something else?


 It’s Roisin Murphy’s Ramalama bang bang

I really like the song♥


Hm, I’ve never heard of it before. I’ll have to look it up. Okay! Letʼs jump right in. Tell the two or three people that read this thing who you are and where youʼre located!


 About me? Ummm…I am an international student in Los Angeles.

Typical 20 years old Korean girl.


 What would you say first inspired you to start drawing?


 I am inspired to draw when I listen to music.  As I listen to music and start to draw, however, I realized that my drawings and the music I listen to have little relation to each other.  As such, I usually end up editing my drawings many times after my first cut.


Do you go to art school? Or is your talent just that, pure talent?


  No. Honestly I was not an art major, but I changed my mind

Hope I can transfer to art school next year.


What is your favorite thing to draw?


Big blond green man


Oriental stuff is my favorite to draw. (it’s easier to draw  :P)


And your least favorite thing?


Back grounds…urgh


Obviously, you read comics, as most of your art is of the Young Avengers. Do you read any comics other than that? And who is your favorite Young Avenger?


  The incredible Hercules, NYX, Saint Seiya, Mononoke, Natsume Yuujinchou, mushishi…

  And as you see, my favorite YA is Wiccan

Wiccan for the win!


Crack couple time! Name the crackiest couple youʼve ever drawn, or would draw if you didnʼt fear for your sanity.


Well I’ve never drawn crack couples…..but!!! I wanna try Quciksilver/Wiccan someday. *runs away*


If I begged you really, really hard (complete with puppy eyes and promises of Teddy/Billy ficcage), would you draw me a picture of the best speedster of all time? No, not Tommy, Inertia! Um, actually, you might as well draw Tommy. He and Thad look alike, both have similar snarky attitudes, have twin brothers with dark hair, and wear green with yellow goggles. And yet Inertia is cooler ʽcause heʼs evil and SHOULD HAVE GONE GOOD YEARS AGO ARGH (rant rant rant), with a neater costume. Please? If you have the time, that is.                                      


It’s a quick doodle =_=; I didn’t have much time to draw (hope you like it. :3)

Quick, what music are you listening to?

Bowling for SoupI Melt with You 


Okay, thatʼs all Iʼm going to force you to answer! Check down at the bottom of the page for links to Ramalamaʼs Deviantart, Y!Gallery, and Livejournal (with your permission, of course)! Say goodnight, Rama!

Thank you and Good night! 😉



Ramalama can be forund at Y!Gallery: (WARNING: here be sexy things)


And Livejournal:

And here’s the MEGA-AWESOME “sketch” of Inertia that she drew for me. That’s a sketch and I’m a man.





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Webcomic Spotlight on: Sinfest!

Sinfest is best described as Eastern art with Western writing. And I’m quoting Wikipedia on that one. Sinfest revolves around the lives of Slick, a self-proclaimed “pimp” and wannabe poet, the love of his life (that he just can’t hook up with) Monique, a glam girl that all the boys love, and God.

You heard me right, God.

Sinfest is a webcomic full of religious and political satire (ie: Seymour and Lil’ Evil, God and the Devil’s respective fanboys; Sarah Piglin, etc), and it’s entertaining to the point of insult, but never really crosses that line. Recently, the strip has begun featuring Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty in a saga about the decline of living in the United States. One of the good things about Sinfest: you don’t have to have read every strip from the beginning of the series for the current ones to be funny.

Sinfest is drawn by Tatsuya Ishida and can be found at

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