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My Self-Esteem and Me

Asdfghjkl, I have worth in the world. So maybe no one reads this blog, who cares. Maybe I’ve got two friends on the entire planet, big whoop.

Amarin FREAKING Rose likes my fanfics.

For those of you that aren’t fluent in fandom, Amarin Rose is a fanficcer, like myself, only on a much grander scale. She has written so many different fics on so many subjects in so many fields, I am truly humbled to be a blip on her radar. In my personal opinion, she rules, and I am her loyal subject. Go on and show her some love on!

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Disney has gone TOO FAR

So I was flipping through the annual Toys R Us Christmas catalogue (as does pretty much every teenager that wants to say something along the lines of “Kid’s today! When I was a kid…” and transform into an old person), when I noticed something. Disney has once again taken up the post as MAJOR CORPORATION THAT SUCKS UP OUR MONEY. I mean, really! Disney Faeries, Hannah Montana, and don’t even get me STARTED on High School Musical. Oh, damn. It’s in my head. I just HAVE to rant now.

I was coerced into watching the first HSM movie by my friend Jazz. That bitch. I loved it, of course, because I was a high school girl, at the time, and I LOVE musicals. I opted out of seeing the sequel, at first, mainly because I hate being attached to anything considered trendy by those under 12.

Except Disney Princesses. Those chicks RULE.

Anyway, I continued to not see HSM2 until I baby-sat for my mom’s friend Heidi (who is totally on crack, but that’s another story entirely), and her little demon whined and complained until I stopped reading my book, which I HAD  to read for class and really didn’t like anyway, and watched the movie with her. I was rather entertained by it, until Zac Effron went around a golf course at night in an attempt to brood sexily while singing. Then I went back to my book.

A week later, I was discussing the parts of the movie I’d paid attention to with Jazz, when she pointed out something that had happened after the baseball scene that I, the chick who can smell man-on-man shenanigans three miles away with a cork in each nostril, did not notice.

“They switched clothes, you know.” I did not know. “You know, Corbin and Lucas. After the ‘I Don’t Dance’ queerfest. That scene was basically Ryan screaming ‘OMG! I am so gay for you, Chad!’ on a baseball field. And then they show up a scene later laughing and hugging and wearing each other’s clothes. How did you MISS that?!” I have no idea how I missed that. Because that brings my recent Disney-hateage into play.

Ryan Evans, the twin brother of the movies’ leading antagonist Sharpay (yes, like the dog), is gay. He is so flaming, the fire department has ordered him to stay away from gas stations and makes his sister carry a mini-extinguisher in her purse. The stage show (yes, High School Musical has a stage show) served to emphasize Ryan’s gayness, as had posters of boys in his on-stage “locker” and it was suggested that he had a crush on Troy (I’m going by the word of Crunchy and Jazz, who actually went to see it.). And now, with the release of HSM3, he has a graduation doll.

In a skirt.

Okay, okay, technically he’s wearing a kilt, but damnit, Disney, you are selling this product to young girls! Do you not KNOW that the proper way to wear a kilt is without any, erm, JUNK SUPPORT underneath?! Apparently, you do not. And now little girls will be spending Christmas checking out plastic dude junk.


Y’know what, Disney? I’m done. High School Musical and it’s catchy musical numbers and misleading male characters can bite me. Don’t worry, darlings, I’m kosher.

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Attention Readers:

The scheduled cool things for this week will not be taking place. This means that there will be no Spotlights, just me ranting about stuff on an uneven schedule.

Taking place this weekend is Anime Supercon, and there’s alot of crap I need to do before hand, such as pack my stuff, get all my books arranged, make a price list, make some signs, finish my Zatanna costume, celebrate my dad’s birthday, empty my catbox, campaign for Obama/Biden in the deep south, practice the steps to both the Lucky Star and Haruhi dances, Caramelldansen until my butt falls off, call people at two am, push back the dates of the Pushy Uke revolution until November, get new Spotlight guests, pimp out some ho’s, change my calender to October, maim, rape, pillage, and plunder, finish reading the longbox of comics I got at last Saturday’s Tate’s sale, plant a tree, do battle with a squirrel, and sort through my pins to see which are going to be pinned to me.

If you live in the Florida area or just enjoy a good Anime convention, Anime Supercon will be taking place this Friday through Sunday at

THE HILTON MIAMI DOWNTOWN 1601 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL. 33132.

For more information on guests, events, and prices, please visit the con website. If you’d like to hang out with me, ToG, I’ll be the only girl in the place with a Zatanna costume and a rolling suitcase. Or possibly Yachiru, from Bleach. Or my third surprise costume. Anyway, I’m going to have a suitcase, so it’s not like I’ll be easy to miss.


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Musically Yours

I love music.

No, seriously, I love music so much that I consider my Ipod to be my perfect mate.

I could write about music every day, until my hands fell off, and I still wouldn’t be able to cover every band I like.

But god damn, does some of my music make me feel old.

Not all of it, mind you. Most of the music was first recorded when my mom was a kid, and therefore ANCIENT (kidding, oma), but remember, I’m 18.

I grew up in a time when boy and girl bands ruled the world.

Seriously! The Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Hanson, O-Town, 98 Degrees, the Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, B*witched, TLC, the list stretches on for miles. Now let me tell you all a little story.

When I was 7, a band called Hanson really hit it big with their song Mmbop. The band was made up of the three Hanson brothers, Taylor, Issac, and Zachary. My mom and I just loooooved Hanson. Insert shotacon joke here. Middle of Nowhere, their first cd, was on constant repeat in the car, up until my dad literally BEGGED us to put on something else. I had all their songs memorized. I still do. That year was the only year that mom and I went to the Y100 Wingding, just to see them perform. It was the only time I ever saw Hanson live. Mom still goes to see them whenever they come down.

The reason I told you that story was to tell you this story: I just came across Middle of Nowhere on my Itunes thing. From the moment Thinking of You started until Man from Milwaukee ended, I was 7 again. I danced to my favorites (iWithout You, Madeline), skipped over the ones I wasn’t partial to (Lucy, Weird, Yearbook, Speechless), and just generally enjoyed myself. Then I realized that the first time I’d ever heard that cd was 11 years ago last May, and cursed out loud. How the heck did I get so OLD? All three Hanson brothers are married with children, partially retired, and a heck of alot more manly looking than they were eleven years ago. Then I realized that this is exactly how my parents feel everytime they hear ANYTHING from their childhoods.

So I turned off Hanson, put on a nice Supremes cd, and sat back to enjoy.

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Artist Spotlight on: Goldphishcrackers!


Welcome to the ToG Blog’s weekly Artist Spotlight! With me today is the goddess of Pipester fans, Goldphishcrackers! To start this thing off, how about you tell the folks at home who you are and where you’re located!


Not much to say! I’m the Phish, born and raised in Central Florida, raised by Trekkies and Rednecks. Quite the combination, eh? 



What would you say first inspired you to start drawing?


I haven’t the slightest idea. I’ve been drawing and doodling for as long as I can remember. Mom and dad always had to make sure I had something in the car to draw with when we went on trips, or I’d go crazy. And while I was always scribbling -something-, my inspiration wasn’t always brimming over. I’d ask my dad a lot, “Dad, what should I draw?”, and he’d tell me something weird like “a jar of mustard, with an eyeball next to it with a fork sticking out of it”.


I swear, I got my sense of humor from him. …and I really ought to take him up on that suggestion again. Like now.


–but I only really got out of the age of scribbles and into actual -effort- in….around fifth or sixth grade, when I discovered people better than me at it. The ego couldn’t sit still, so I tried harder. Then there was the anime in middle school.


I’m looking at -you- Gundam Wing.


The rest is history. 



Do you go to art school? Or is drawing just a part-time thing for you?


Amusingly enough, the school system refused to land me any art classes until senior year of high school. The scheduling just blew at my high school, so you just had to bend over and take it most of the time. Regardless, out of the four skill levels worth of classes, I was put in the second level.


On the first day, the teacher demanded to know why I wasn’t in the fourth. Later that day, I dropped a class and took it online instead, to make room for the fourth level one.


Since then there’s been some basic painting/drawing courses in college (where I drew in painting and painted in drawing, go figure), and I’m still waiting for more. I’m an art major now, but for traditional/studio art, rather than digital. Can’t wait to get my hands back into the charcoal and acrylic. For the time being, I’m swimming in anything-but-hands-on-art right now, so it’s just a hobby..


A twisted, obsessive, canon-killing, crack-filled hobby. I’m not complaining. ❤



What is your favorite thing to draw?


PEOPLE. Hands down. Cars and buildings are completely beyond me, and animals are a tricky tricky pain. But people–I love the expressions and interactions like nothing else.


Though, oddly enough, the smaller I work (pencil and paper), I tend to play favoritism in drawing men. But when I work larger (canvas, newsprint, charcoal, paint, etc), I tend to draw a whole lot of nude women. I’m not sure what my last instructor thought of me and my “NEEDS MORE GIRLS. WHERE’S THE RENOIR BOOK?”

And your least favorite thing?


Technical stuff. Point-on straight lines make me sad. 



Obviously, you read comics, as much of your art is DC-inspired. What’s your favorite title? 


 …h-hard questions! D: I emote in your general direction!


But seriously, I’m really big into Green Arrow, GA/BA, and Robin(Tiimmmm), but right now….the Flash has got the biggest place in my heart. Wally and Bart and the Rogues make my happy in my happy places. Where ever those are.

Crack couple time! Name the crackiest couple you’ve ever drawn, or would draw if you didn’t fear for your sanity.


My favorite non-traditional pairing is hands down Arsenal/Piper. Their woobie is amazing. Close second is Superboy/Inertia. They’ll live on forever in fandom, so I’ll slash ’em all I want ❤ Plus, you know Thad’s a wonderful pushy little bottom.



If I begged you really, really hard (complete with puppy eyes and promises of ficcage), would you draw me a picture of the best speedster of all time? …not Bart. Close, though! Inertia! To, ah, make the sting of Rogue’s Revenge less hurtful for everyone. Please? If you have the time, that is.                                      


I love the little guy. No prob. ❤



Quick, what music are you listening to?


Aaahhh! You ask this right after I close iTunes and the sweet dance music stationnnn! L-Lemme pop something on so I don’t look completely unprepa


Macho Man – Village People.


You’ll have to excuse me now. I’ve got to take a dance break. Seriously.



Okay, that’s all I’m going to force you to answer! Check down at the bottom of the page for links to Golphishcrackers’ Deviantart and Y!Gallery(with your permission, of course)! Say goodnight, Goldie!


I-It’s -Phish-! The gold is a title! A descriptor, even! And yes–send them unto the y!gallery! –providing their legality of course. *laughs* But goodnight everybody! Or goodmorning if you’re on the opposite side of the world from the sun-up!


The Devart of the Phish:

The Y!Gallery of the Phish (adults only, please!):

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Webcomic Spotlight on: Anders Loves Maria!

Anders loves Maria is a comic about Anders von Silfersked, his knocked-up girlfriend Maria Holm, her overprotective brother Johan, and her childhood “friendemy” Tina Törnros.

A short summary:

Anders loves Maria. Anders wants to have a baby with Maria. Maria goes drinking with her friends, and finds out she’s pregnant the next day. His mother is a lesbian. Her parents are alcoholics. Anders beats up a guy that hit Maria. Accidentally flashes his wang at the press while in the hospital. The two go to stay with Maria’s family. Anders meets Tina. Tina loves Anders. Anders cheats on Maria. Maria finds out. They break up. Anders sleeps with Tina some more. Tina gets preganant. Rinse and repeat.

Anders loves Maria is one of the honestly good soap opera-esque webcomics out there, and I highly suggest it be read my readers 16 and up.

Anders loves Maria is drawn by Rene Engström, updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and can be found at

Have a good read!

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In Memorium

Today, we gather to remember a fallen villain.

Thaddeus Thawne, aka Inertia, was killed today by the Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery in an act of merciless revenge for, in Captain Cold’s own words, a !@#%@#- up year. For those of you unfamiliar with Inerita’s history, he is the “evil” clone of Bart Allen, the fourth Flash whom the Rogues murdered last year. Inertia was created to be Bart’s better half, to be a better hero than Bart by killing and becoming Bart.
…okay, yeah, that’s kinda messed up, but still.
The irony in Thad’s death was that he was killed in the exact same way his “brother” did; killed by the so-called band of incompetants, the Rogues.
He will be missed.
By me.
And possibly Ronkerkaplexus.

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