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I just think of a few of my favorite things…

Compared to the last couple of weeks, this nine-book review is going to seem tiny. Well, all I have to say is, tough tomatoes, I refuse to pick up more Marvel than I have to.

For some reason, Time Masters made no impression on me other than, “Boy, Hal Jordan is a prize douchebagel.”. Anyone else see that? I mean, there he and Booster are, stuck in a cell made of nothing before it turns into a crushing cage, and all Hal does is bitch about how Booster is a famewhore. Yes, Harold “Highball Hal” Jordan calling someone else a thrillseeking famewhore. The irony just rolls off the page in freaking waves. Oh well, only two more issues to go of this…this. I can’t even think of a word to describe it, and fail train is already taken. Moving on.

What was it I was saying about the lovely ladies of the Dark Knight last week? Something about how they’re awesome? After reading this week’s issue of Zatanna, I stand behind that statement even more. I mean, the girl managed to wriggle out of a deal with Mammon, the demon god of wealth and greed, by the skin of her teeth, that’s something to respect. Not to mention how she handles Zach when he goes all teenager-y on her. Yeah, Miss Zatara has worked long and hard to be the best the magical world has to offer, and I think she deserves to be there.

Okay, so the last two The Road Home one-shots are this week. My general opinion? Ehhh. I mean, the Oracle one-shot wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t something I’m planning on buying. It was nice to see Hawk and Dove in something other that Brightest Day, though. The final issue in the set, the Ra’s al Ghul one-shot, wasn’t great. It was interesting, don’t get me wrong, and Vicki Vale is officially in on the secret, part of the Batclan, but but just didn’t pull me in like some of the others did.

God damn it, Judd. Do you just hate Tora, is that it? You break up her and Guy, make her a whiny emo bitch, have her get so riled up that she goes completely beserk and turns into a killer icicle, and now you change her backstory completely. Seriously, patricide? Was that really necessary? You know what? Screw you. I’m not letting this into my canon. Tora is awesome, she’s not a killer.

What do you get when you cross Deadpool, the Thing, and professional wrestling? About 30 pages of references I don’t get that make me laugh anyway.

Before I review the Supergirl Annual, I want to tell y’all a little story. Back at the Tate’s tent sale in 07, I found an issue of Legion of Superheroes from the same week that Supergirl died in Crisis on Infinite Earths. In it, Brainy was mourning Kara’s death, and watching clips of her from a thousand years hence. It was that issue that really made me get it. Kara and Brainy were one of those couples that was destined to never end up together, no matter how hard they tried to. A thousand years is a pretty big age gap. And while in my personal canon, Brainy always ends up with Lyle (I grew up reading Reboot, bite me), the tragic love story that is Supergirl and Brainiac 5 will always be one of my favorites. Now, onto the issue. It was pretty good, touching on how Kara had gone to the future once before when she accidentally hopped dimensions as well as timestreams. And then it brought to mind this one little question; how is Kara going to die this time? Her last death wasn’t even a death, it was an erasing. She was one of the big sacrifices made in Crisis on Infinite Earths, though the Supergirl character itself was reborn a few years later. But if this death is recorded within the halls of time, obviously she wasn’t erased again, just killed. So what’s going to happen? How many more years of Supergirl do we have to look forward to? Your guess is as good as mine, Superfans.

So for weeks I’ve been hearing about how this new issue of Teen Titans is gonna rule. New creative team, new team within the book, Bart and Kon are back, Rose is gonna be bringin’ the sexual tension…it was supposed to be awesome. Well, I’ve read the issue.
Damnit, they got me again! I’m not gonna say that that was the best Teen Titans team I’ve ever read (sorry, nothing beats the New Teen Titans lineup by Marv and George for me), but this was definitely the best the Teen Titans have been since 03. Nothing against the 03 lineup, but with Tim, Starfire, and Cyborg out of the way, there’s more of a chance of seeing a Bart storyline, or something focused on Rose, like the Dark Side Club arc was. Here’s hoping that this series doesn’t become something of “The Kon and Cassie show featuring the Teen Titans”, because that would suck. The ending really makes me look forward to the next issue because frankly, Damian just makes everything better.

Oh man oh man oh man. I’m trying not to add emoticons here. I swear to aiesha, I just joygasmed. He wasn’t dead! He was just…having a hallucination of Death as we know her, and arguing his head off! Oh, Lex. I do so love you. The Jimmy Olsen second feature has, wait for it, drunk aliens! No, Supes didn’t go on a bender, the Dalwythians are in town. Who are these strange creatures? Well, they’re partiers from another planet (didn’t Power Girl do that in her second arc?), and they can get drunk on oxygen. Unfortunately, the planets they party on don’t always survive the experience, so in order to save the world, Jimmy has to make Metropolis the most boring place on Earth! Well, Lex isn’t there so for me, check.

That was this week in comics, lords and ladies. I think I’m gonna hurl a little, so, I’m gonna go lie down.

If you’re in Broward (or Dade or West Palm or South Florida in general), take the time this weekend to stop on by Tate’s Comics’ annual Halloween tent sale! Fill up a longbox for $35, and all back issues inside are 50% off! There’s more info on their website, , or on their Facebook page. Speaking of Facebook, if you haven’t yet, add Touchof Grey to your friends list, because that’s me! Well, actually, it’s The ToG Blog, but still.

But wait, there’s more! Finished with the Tate’s sale? Still have money jingling around in your wallet? Stop by the grand opening of Florida Super Comics in Davie! Yes, Florida Supercon has a store now, holy crap! For a limited time only, subscribers with FSC save 40% on their comics! Look for me at both sales, dressed as the Flash! This is ToG, reminding you to spay and neuter your children. Peace!


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Late, but not forgotten

Hey, it’s apparently Rosh Hashanah! I, being a terrible, awful Jew, forgot all about it. Whoops! But I’ve had my big, filling dinner, I’m very tired, and I’m here to bring you some neat stuff that I’ve been dying to buy since I first saw it. Let’s begin so I can go to sleep.

First up, a pair of Flash briefs from Kohls! You ever see a costume and wonder, what on earth could this guy be wearing beneath that fancy suit?! I mean, it’s so tight, you can practically tell what religion he is. Well, as far as the Flash is concerned, wonder no more! $10, from

Next, some neat patches from the Fanboy Scouts Geek Merit Badges! My personal favorite was the Speedster patch, I should be buying one in October. There are only 1000 pieces of each design, so buy the ones you want before they’re gone!

The third and final thing before I pass out is something that I hope to buy very, very soon. I’ve been waiting for years for an actual Flash chain wallet to hit the market, and one finally came! It’s a bright, lovely red with the Flash symbol on it, and a nice chain. I want one more than I could possibly tell.

Well, those were some of the neat purchaseables I found on the internet! I’m tired as heck, goodnight!

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I think I had a mild stroke hearing this news

There are talks to turn the critically acclaimed comic series Sandman into a TV series.

I’ve got mixed feelings on this.

I love this series. Like, it’s trying to take out a restraining order, I love it so much. I love the storylines, the places explored, the themes, I even love all the minor characters, like Nuala the elf and Wanda the transvestite. That one issue involving Emperor Norton was probably my favorite,  just because it was based on real people and mostly real events.

And then there’s her.

First introduced in ‘The Sound of Her Wings’, Death became as iconic a character as Dream. I’m not ashamed to admit that I wear an ankh that I got in the eighth grade to this day because of Death. Neil Gaiman’s Death was always so much more believable than other depictions of Death. I mean, I know that when most people think Death, they imagine a skeleton in a cloak with a scythe. But Death isn’t supposed to be scary. Yeah, it’s the End of All Things, but in its own way, it is also a beginning, if you believe in that sort of thing.

But back on track.

Sandman has a lot of things in it that would have to be changed for TV, depending on what station gets ahold of it. If HBO snaps it up, we might be cool. If ABC latches onto it, we’re fucked.

Right off the bat, there’s the issue of  Dream being held in a glass bottle cage for nearly a century. Naked. So they put a toga on him, big whoop. Then there’s how he ends up punishing the son of the man that captured him, eternal waking, aka endless nightmares that seem real. Well, that may have to be toned down. Such as, we may only get to see the shadow of the nurse’s head falling off. Oh, and then there’s the second big event of the first book, Dream’s descent into hell to retrieve his helm. That would probably be mostly CGI but, it’s hell. It’s still gonna be hell if you call it something like the underworld, the realm of the dead…it’s hell. And most major networks like to shy away from stuff like that.

And then there’s John Dee’s big diner story, 24 hours.

John Dee, aka Dr. Destiny, escapes from Arkham Asylum and goes to find his symbol of power, a ruby of dreams that, well, is actually the Ruby of Dream. While waiting for Dream to come fight him for possession of the ruby, John slowly drives the world to madness from a diner, and personally murders the diner’s occupants. Let me make a short list of some of the people that he kills, and why most of their stories will never make it to the small screen. Judy is a lesbian whose girlfriend broke up with her after she abused her.  There is a husband and wife; the husband occassionally buys and beats up hookers, the wife had a necrophilliac experience in college and sometimes tries to pretend her husband is dead when they have sex. There’s a trucker, who pretty much killed his alcoholic wife by buying a large quantity of booze and disappearing for a week. See why these people may prove an issue for standard television audiences? And this is just the first book!

Sandman was a ten (technically eleven, if you count Endless Nights) book series that made even the least comic-inclined of people take notice. It has a huge fan following, and has made Neil Gaiman a household name…at least to the people I know. If made, the TV series would run five seasons. That’s two books a season, a decent goal.

I’m not going to doom this thing just yet. Not much is known about it, and no one has been cast in any prominent roles. This is a wait-and-see project to me. I’m ToG, and I think I need to see what other people are saying about this. Peace.

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Hey, guess what I did yesterday?!

Okay, I kinda lied to you last week. This week may not be as epically huge as I lead you to believe. I mean, I’m going over seven titles, but it’s not like the ten-title week I was expecting. Stupid title delays. Anyway, let’s get into it!

Time Masters: Vanishing Point. I didn’t want to read this book. I really didn’t. It’s not very good. It has Booster playing a secondary role as an idiot. And, to top it all off, it has a lot of Rip’s magical inner monologue. The only up points are getting to see Daddy Booster in the opening pages of each issue.

Legion was weird this month. Even dead, Darkseid is still being passed around like a joint at a Crazybones concert, who knew? On the upside, we get to see Garth and Ayla being badass, so that’s cool. I love all the different versions of the Legion, but I’m really beginning to miss Reboot Legion. Maybe it’s because that’s the one I grew up reading, but it just seemed…I dunno. More fun. That’s another thing. Gates has been used several times in the series, but where the hell is Jenni?! Is DC trying to discard all speedsters that aren’t Barry Allen? No, because Jesse Chambers is running around in both JSA titles and Justice League, and Bart Allen has been in the Teen Titans for a few months. Argh, I hate trying to inject logic into comics. Next title!

Hey, remember Superman: Secret Origins? Written by Geoff Johns, drawn by Gary Frank? No? No wonder! Issue five came out almost six months ago. Well, it’s finally over. After a long, long, Flash:Rebirth-esque wait. Final opinion?

Welcome back, Geoff.

Your blatant favoritism towards Hal Jordan makes me hurl. The way you depicted Inertia and the Rogues in Rogue’s Revenge made me curl up in a ball and cry. But this…this is Wonderland quality. This is Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. quality. A fitting end to a series I thought would never finish. Way to not half-ass it at the finish line, man.

Action Comics was actually pretty good this month. I mean, it’s still starring Lex Luthor, it’s pretty much assured to be at least halfway decent. But a Luthor/Deathstroke fight? And a Superboy second feature? Oh yeah, I’m digging this book. Actually, the second feature seems to be a lead-in to the new Superboy series starting in November. Am I the only one hoping for a cameo from Rex and Roxie Leech? Yes? Aw, shoot.

I love Gotham City Sirens for many reasons. The consistantly good writing. The consistantly good art. The intriguing covers that sometimes border on fetishist (covers 3-5 and the recent cover 15 show that quite well) and religious iconoclasm (easily the Pieta remake on cover 13). But what I love most about this book is that above all, it’s about three women whose binding interest was once crime, and now they’re genuinely friends. Harley’s little speech to Ivy after she’s been beaten nearly to death just got to me. Selina and Harley tried to reason with Ivy when they got to her, while most other vigilantes would simply focus on taking her out. I’m so glad this book exists, and I eagerly await the next story a- The return of Talia al Ghul?! Oh crap. How are you going to steer us through the storm of angst and daddy issues that come floating along with Talia’s every step, Tony? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

New Generation Lost! Man, this issue had everything. Political speeches! Daring escapes! A possible love connection forming between Gavril and Bea! Booster being smart! Bea…cursing for no reason! Tora…whining like a bitch. Sigh, the second Giffen-free issue. I hope this doesn’t become a trend But there is one little element that’s conspicuously missing from this book, and that would be Max Lord himself. Seriously, we don’t see hide or hair of him until the very last page. Is this a lead-in to some answers? Why are his mind-control powers deadly when used on one person at a time, but he was able to make the entire world forget about him with extinguishing the human race? Did he actually kill the woman who made Power Girl’s company bankrupt? When are you guys going to stop fucking around and reveal that Ted is secretly alive? The answers (?) next issue! Hopefully!

Teen Titans was…weird this month. Now I love the Teen Titans. I do. But…the new scientist chick they have in Titans Tower watched Miss Martian kill her beloved husband while being controlled by the Wyld, then did some kind of memory-wipe psychic whammy on M’gann so that she doesn’t remember the fight? What, does this lady have instant-retcon powers or something? Can I get some sort of an explanation, DC? I mean, there were other things in this issue that bugged me (Wyld considers Raven its mom? M’gann can astral project now? Kon and Cassie made out in the middle of a crisis why?), but that kind of took the cake. And the second feature wasn’t much better. I’m still pissed that Zach’s fondest wish was to be married to his never-before-mentioned dead girlfriend. At least Eddie got a mention, sort of. Zach, you don’t get to talk about Eddie. You were a horrible boyfriend, not even showing up to his funeral. I WENT THROUGH THAT ISSUE TEN TIMES. You weren’t in it. Oh well, at least Lori isn’t acting like a bitch anymore. She plays nice with the rest of the group just in time for an express trip into hell, fun!

And that’s your week in comics. Well, that’s my week in comics. Next week should be a big one. Hopefully. Because if Flash is pushed back one more week, I’m gonna snap. Peace out, you guys.


As of yesterday, The ToG Blog has officially gotten onto Facebook! Instead of waiting until Wednesdays to update you all on the little things that are going on in the comic world, I’ll be able to fill you in instantly with links, pictures, and other interesting tidbits to make your day. AND THAT’S NOT ALL! You can follow me personally on Twitter! touchofgrey37 I try to follow all the major writers and artists on Twitter, so you’re bound to see some interesting retweets!!/touchofgrey37

Well, that’s about enough network pandering. Peace out, you guys! I think I smell broccoli cooking, yum.

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I, ToG, take thee, BoP…

Sorry I missed last week, ladies and gents. I was a bit busy dying of heatstroke in good old Florida. I’ll make it up to you, I

The first two comics of this week are from the second Joker’s Asylum series, and they feature the Mad Hatter, and Harley Quinn. The Hatter’s story is particularly demented, about stalking and tea and girls named Alice. The art made me a bit queasy, but it fits the utter madness of the story, I think. The art in Harley’s issue is much better, and the story itself is about Valentine’s Day. The central theme of this second Joker’s Asylum seems to be love. That disturbs me, I don’t know why.

And the train wreck continues! Okay, maybe not so much as a train wreck as a mild car crash. This issue of Brightest Day actually seems to be going somewhere as they stop focusing on Aquaman and Mera, and start telling us what the hell’s up with Deadman. It’s getting better, but it’s not enough to make me start buying the issues.

Okay, the ending of the latest R.E.B.E.L.S. story arc was pretty cool. Politics at work! The Tamaraneans and the Rannians are sharing a planet, and they’ve all made peace with the Thanagarians…so why am I getting a feeling that the truce won’t last long? And that Komand’r is planning on jumping Vril’s bones? Just a feeling that I get, but if I’m right, you all owe me a soda.

I’m sure you all saw this coming. I’m sorry, Six. Forgive me, Booster. Gail Simone, Ed Benes, you two have outdone yourselves with the second issue of Birds of Prey. It had it all; action, tragedy, the Penguin perving on Dove…my only complaint (which isn’t really much of a complaint, you’ll see.) is with the deaths of Savant and Creote. They weren’t really needed, but at the same time, they add that little extra bit of realness to the situation. Also, I b’awwed a bit when I saw Creote put the gun to his head. He loved Savant so much, he wasn’t willing to live without him, and that really touched me. End story is, I love this series. Love it. We were thinking a spring wedding and would be so happy if you would attend.

In other news and closing notes, I’ll be at Florida Supercon this weekend! Tickets are still available for $35 at Crossroad Comics on University. Look for the lady with the suitcase! Come up, say hi, sign a board! I’m going to be getting a Flickr for this blog for conventions, if you sign a board, you may just end up there!

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Well, this is awkward.

I am of course talking about the latest issue of Red Robin, but you’ll see.

Let’s start things off with JSA: All-Stars. Essentially, Courtney and Al are trapped in a dimension of demons called the Subtle Realms. They still have a thing for each other but can’t do anything about it, morally, because she’s 17 and he’s like, what? 25? And yet the hormones are still a’flowing. Oh, and did I mention that they’re fighting pretty much the entire dimension? Or that neither of them have any powers in this dimension? It sort of adds to the sexual tension in its own way, mainly because neither are sure if they’ll make it out alive. The tension is lifted briefly when they kiss and Courtney confesses that she’s still in love with him. And then it’s off to fight the…I dunno. Dimension boss or something. Meanwhile back on earth, a new steampunk-meets-Van-Helsingesque heroine named Anna Fortune emerges to fight the Lord of Tears. She is badass and friends with Doctor Fate. She also took down the Lord of Tears single handedly. I really want to see more of her. Sand is a part of the team now, and Power Girl has a dirty mind.

Not even joking. After Kara has to explain to Stargirl’s parents where their daughter is, Sand comes up to her and tells her, “I’m all yours, if you want me.” Kara’s face that panel is pretty much worth the price of the issue.

Anna Fortune has a spell that can help save Courtney from the other dimension, except that she’s kinda been fibbing about how experienced she is with magic so…I foresee shenanigans in the near future.

In the second feature, Jesse and Rick have teamed up with Icicle and Tigress to track down an artifact that can heal people, as well as find the other half of the book they’ve been trying to get their hands on for the last five issues.  As usual, it ends with Jesse and Rick being mushy.

In Batman and Robin, the secret, more twisted side of the Wayne family emerges. Thomas Wayne (version 1765, not Bruce’s daddy), the devil-worshipping black sheep of the Wayne family, seems to have minions in the present day, or followers of the same cult, at least. They attack Damian and…some guy named Sexton who isn’t really Sexton. I honestly have never encountered the character before, so I dunno. Oh, and by the way, Talia is controlling Damian through his new spine. I have no idea how that’s possible. And then she hands the controls over to Deathstroke so that he can kill Dick. WHAT.

Moving on.

Tim, Pru, and Steph go up against assassins sent by Ra’s al Ghul in Red Robin, but the real targets are twelve other people close to him. Tam and Vicki Vale are two of the targets and are…working together to stay alive. Tim resorts to near-torture tactics for information, which may be the new normal for him. And when Dick and Damian show up, Dami goes apeshit and attacks Pru, and Tim puts him down. Sweet. Steph saves Vicki and Tam, but only after accidentally hearing the (fake) bombshell Tam’s dropped about how she and Tim are engaged. Awkward.

Flash: Secret Files and Origins has been rescheduled more times than any other book I can think of that came out this year. Y’know what?

Totally worth the wait.

The art is amazing, the little stories involving the Flash Family and the Rogues were excellent, and HOLY CRAP Scott Kolins, I sort of like you again. Seriously, look at the comparison between Keystone and Central City. Gorgeous. Definitely a book to pick up. Don’t forget, the new Flash book by Johns and Manapul drops next week!

Oh, and speaking of things not to forget, this Saturday and Sunday is the first big sale of the year at Tate’s Comics on University Drive. Fill a longbox for $35 outside in the tent, or pick up back issues for half off! Also, the Super Spotlight for this month is the Flash, which means you get a 20% discount on all Flash merchandise!

For more information visit

Hope to see you there!

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Artist Spotlight on: Goldphishcrackers!


Welcome to the ToG Blog’s weekly Artist Spotlight! With me today is the goddess of Pipester fans, Goldphishcrackers! To start this thing off, how about you tell the folks at home who you are and where you’re located!


Not much to say! I’m the Phish, born and raised in Central Florida, raised by Trekkies and Rednecks. Quite the combination, eh? 



What would you say first inspired you to start drawing?


I haven’t the slightest idea. I’ve been drawing and doodling for as long as I can remember. Mom and dad always had to make sure I had something in the car to draw with when we went on trips, or I’d go crazy. And while I was always scribbling -something-, my inspiration wasn’t always brimming over. I’d ask my dad a lot, “Dad, what should I draw?”, and he’d tell me something weird like “a jar of mustard, with an eyeball next to it with a fork sticking out of it”.


I swear, I got my sense of humor from him. …and I really ought to take him up on that suggestion again. Like now.


–but I only really got out of the age of scribbles and into actual -effort- in….around fifth or sixth grade, when I discovered people better than me at it. The ego couldn’t sit still, so I tried harder. Then there was the anime in middle school.


I’m looking at -you- Gundam Wing.


The rest is history. 



Do you go to art school? Or is drawing just a part-time thing for you?


Amusingly enough, the school system refused to land me any art classes until senior year of high school. The scheduling just blew at my high school, so you just had to bend over and take it most of the time. Regardless, out of the four skill levels worth of classes, I was put in the second level.


On the first day, the teacher demanded to know why I wasn’t in the fourth. Later that day, I dropped a class and took it online instead, to make room for the fourth level one.


Since then there’s been some basic painting/drawing courses in college (where I drew in painting and painted in drawing, go figure), and I’m still waiting for more. I’m an art major now, but for traditional/studio art, rather than digital. Can’t wait to get my hands back into the charcoal and acrylic. For the time being, I’m swimming in anything-but-hands-on-art right now, so it’s just a hobby..


A twisted, obsessive, canon-killing, crack-filled hobby. I’m not complaining. ❤



What is your favorite thing to draw?


PEOPLE. Hands down. Cars and buildings are completely beyond me, and animals are a tricky tricky pain. But people–I love the expressions and interactions like nothing else.


Though, oddly enough, the smaller I work (pencil and paper), I tend to play favoritism in drawing men. But when I work larger (canvas, newsprint, charcoal, paint, etc), I tend to draw a whole lot of nude women. I’m not sure what my last instructor thought of me and my “NEEDS MORE GIRLS. WHERE’S THE RENOIR BOOK?”

And your least favorite thing?


Technical stuff. Point-on straight lines make me sad. 



Obviously, you read comics, as much of your art is DC-inspired. What’s your favorite title? 


 …h-hard questions! D: I emote in your general direction!


But seriously, I’m really big into Green Arrow, GA/BA, and Robin(Tiimmmm), but right now….the Flash has got the biggest place in my heart. Wally and Bart and the Rogues make my happy in my happy places. Where ever those are.

Crack couple time! Name the crackiest couple you’ve ever drawn, or would draw if you didn’t fear for your sanity.


My favorite non-traditional pairing is hands down Arsenal/Piper. Their woobie is amazing. Close second is Superboy/Inertia. They’ll live on forever in fandom, so I’ll slash ’em all I want ❤ Plus, you know Thad’s a wonderful pushy little bottom.



If I begged you really, really hard (complete with puppy eyes and promises of ficcage), would you draw me a picture of the best speedster of all time? …not Bart. Close, though! Inertia! To, ah, make the sting of Rogue’s Revenge less hurtful for everyone. Please? If you have the time, that is.                                      


I love the little guy. No prob. ❤



Quick, what music are you listening to?


Aaahhh! You ask this right after I close iTunes and the sweet dance music stationnnn! L-Lemme pop something on so I don’t look completely unprepa


Macho Man – Village People.


You’ll have to excuse me now. I’ve got to take a dance break. Seriously.



Okay, that’s all I’m going to force you to answer! Check down at the bottom of the page for links to Golphishcrackers’ Deviantart and Y!Gallery(with your permission, of course)! Say goodnight, Goldie!


I-It’s -Phish-! The gold is a title! A descriptor, even! And yes–send them unto the y!gallery! –providing their legality of course. *laughs* But goodnight everybody! Or goodmorning if you’re on the opposite side of the world from the sun-up!


The Devart of the Phish:

The Y!Gallery of the Phish (adults only, please!):

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